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01-01-06, 18:20
Here's a short video of the amazing New Year fireworks we had here. Enjoy :)

>>video (http://www.savefile.com/files/7212756)

01-01-06, 18:27
Downloading... :wve:

np. Thyrane - Firework :tmb:

EDIT: Beautiful :D We had quite nice ones here too.

01-01-06, 18:33
Those are gorgeous, Cat! Lovely view! Our fireworks were a bit strange this year, at the party I was at, there were a lot of complaints with the neighbors... Hehe, I felt kind of guilty at midnight all the way through 2 AM being with such noisy people. But it was a great time. :D

Tomb Raider Master
01-01-06, 18:50
It's great! :tmb: I see you had a great time. :) Thanks for sharing.

01-01-06, 20:27
Awww, I cannot download the file :(

Tomb Raider Master
01-01-06, 20:36
And why is that?

01-01-06, 21:22
Problem with Download managers. I'll try again later.

01-01-06, 21:34
Nice! :)
Fireworks are beautiful to watch.