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02-01-06, 13:35
Brit Woman Weds Dolphin! 02 Jan 2006 13:07:00

By Despina Hristopoulou

Israel may not allow gay marriages, yet this does not mean that marriages between humans and animals are also forbidden! And when we speak of animals, we certainly do not refer to the usual adjectives used by couples (adjectives that range from bunny to donkey), but we refer to real animals! Sharon Tendler, 41, a British millionaire and rock concert producer was the bride, while 31-year-old Cindy was the groom. But, where does the peculiarity lies? Cindy is a dolphin! His relationship with Sharon is already 15 years old. In fact, just for Cindy’s sake, Sharon kept visiting the famous Eliat dolphin reef at least twice a year over the last 15 years to spend some quality time with her beloved, since it was pretty difficult for him to visit her in London. So, just before 2005 rang out, the two sweethearts decided to tie the knot and Sharon asked the dolphin’s trainer for Cindy’s fin in marriage!

On Cloud Nine

In the ceremony, which was held on Wednesday, the bride was dressed in a white silk wedding dress and a pink tiara, while the groom opted for simplicity. He did not even have a tie on! The much-astounded visitors of the park stood as witnesses to the ceremony. Shortly after they were pronounced husband and wife, Sharon kissed Cindy, whispered, "I love you," and was tossed into the water to give her beloved a hug. As she said, her marriage to Cindy was a dream that came true. She also pointed out that she is the happiest woman on earth, underlining that she is not a pervert! As per Israeli paper Yediot Ahronot, the bride argued that the tranquillity under water and his love would calm her down. Sharon and Cindy, may you live in prosper!



Real Life Lara
02-01-06, 13:43
...what the..? lol Aww! :hug: That's so sweet... in a very weird way... :eek: :p

02-01-06, 13:47
Talk about an animal lover...

02-01-06, 14:00
Something tells me this one won't be consumated.

02-01-06, 14:39
Flipper - Eek eee eek eeeee Eekk Eek Eek

Woman - What's that, Flip? You want a divorce???

02-01-06, 14:42
Good one Scott :jmp:

02-01-06, 14:48
It'll still never be as funny as....

Flipper - Eeeee Eeek Eeek Eeee Eek

Coastguard - What? There's been an accident?????

Flipper - Eeeee Eeek Eek Eek Eee Eek Eeeeek Eee Eeek

Coastguard - Helicopter crash?? 62 miles North East of Smuggler's Rock???

02-01-06, 14:54
LOOOOOOLLL!! That was hilarious! :vlol:
I wonder how he figured out the exact distance :D
It must be the 'Eek Eek' part. Since it has one 'e' less, it' must be considered as a number :jmp:

Capt. Murphy
02-01-06, 15:00
I can see it now. :pi:

If she ever get's in trouble with the MOB, then they get her and tell her: "Tonight... you sleep with da fishes!"

Then she's like; :jmp:

I can only think she has maybe been holding her breath for far too long under water.

:cen: s up the brain big time -you know? :vlol:

edit: Or maybe she's got that same problem 'Troy McClure' had when he needed to marry Selma or Patty Bouvier in a sham marriage. But Troy had a dirty little secret. :rolleyes:

02-01-06, 15:11
I didn't know Scottlee can speak dolphin :eek:

02-01-06, 17:38
Hmmmmm weird.....I wonder how the dolphin got down on one knee to ask her hand in marriage? Tricky one that...:eek:

02-01-06, 17:47
LMAO Scott :vlol: ROTFL!

02-01-06, 17:49
I saw that in friday's news...
The woman said, that she will let her dolphin "meet" other dolphins.
Weird eh.. :pi:
To think of what would happen if he cheated on her (I don't know if the dolphin is a he or a she...Cindy is a girl's name isn't it. But I'm calling him a he.) :cln: