View Full Version : just having fun with this game (BF2)

02-01-06, 20:02
well since I cant use planes in SP in the demo I go to MP mode and find an empty server, I take a plane and start training, I try to do the imposible like land on something small or stuff like that lol, I crash alot of times but thats the only way i can become a perfectionist(sp) at this

if someone else comes in I dont shoot them unleas they start shooting at me first but than they usually leave coz they get owned

anyways I'm getting the fool game in like 2 days and i'm getting ready for it

btw if you decide to watch the video go ahead and right click the screen>zoom to fool screen mode, the quality is preety good and so you will be able to watch it in fool screen mode

heres the link to my video


03-01-06, 17:26
LOL! You're sure having fun! :D Trying to land on the crane's back end. And at 3/4 of the video, trying to land in a, what's that, a swimmingpool? and the plane explodes and the pieces sink through the ground. :D

Awful aliasing though. You have a 7800 GTX right? :confused: BF2 can't be as heavy as NFSMW which i bought 3 days ago. On my 7800GT i can only play it with all settings at high (and full antialias) at 800x600 to get no freezings at all.

03-01-06, 19:21
I love that game, but can never go on the internet with it because my farther downloaded it and it has protection against it lol.