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02-01-06, 22:21
Hey everybody, some of u may know this already but I am a huge ALIAS fan. Luv it, anyone else feel the same way, I have all 4 seasons on DVD season 4 being my fave.

I Havent played the Video game though and I was gonna get it on PC anyone else played the game Please tell me what it is like, or if u like Alias tell me ur Fave Episode's

Mine are:

Welcome to Liberty Village (Season 4)
A Man Of His Word (Season 4)
The Two (Season 3)
The Box 1&2 (season 1)
Phase One (Season 2)
A Free Agent (Season 2)
Snowman (Season 1)
Truth Be Told (Season 1)
Season 1,2,3,4 Finales.

03-01-06, 04:05
Although the graphics aren't that great (and Vaughn's character model flat-out looks scary) and the linear game play revolves around massive amounts of fighting, cheap puzzle combinations, and backtracking, the story is worthy of a real episode. It centers around Rambaldi and reveals more depth concerning the Anna Espinosa character. :D As always, the music is completely Alias-esque - Michael Giacchino composes the soundtrack for the game.

It is a must-buy for any Alias fan. Go buy it. :mis:

03-01-06, 04:17
the game is so-so

I really do like the moves sydney can do, especially jumping over someone and taking them out from the legs

I must say, Season 1 and 2 are THE BEST episodes ever.

Oh, and I agree with Olvidarse, GET THE SOUNDTRACK!! Its amazing!

Also, the books (the prequel series) are quite good!
I havent had a chance to get the APO series yet though

Soma Holiday
03-01-06, 04:40
I got Season 1 for Christmas, and so far I love it! I forgot how good the show used to be, before season 3 and 4, though 3 was ok. I just got through the box episodes-love them.

But I love Sark most of all! He's such an incredible and completely sarcastic jerk character, and I think he's so fun and interesting, much better than Anna. It was neat to see him on that episode in Season5, get to see a softer side of him haha. But he's my favorite, and Vaughn-but....yeah.

I'm gonna pick up the other seasons if I can, but I remember the episodes where Sydney had that fake car accident, I liked that one, and the one in the Stadium with Anna, and the one where Syd gets contaminated and Sarks there or something, but I love them too hehe, haven't played the game though.

03-01-06, 08:18
I watched the pilot. And when she tried to look all cool and provocative with that red hair (and failed) I turned it off. My hairdresser had that color of hair 10 years ago. Don't get me wrong, I like my hairdresser. And she looked great with it and it was original at the time. :)

04-01-06, 02:35

Memories... :)

04-01-06, 03:30

Memories... :)


the GOOD Ol' days at SD-6

now what the heck is it? APO, or like a sub system of that system of a black ops organization?

One good thing though:

Irina/Laura is BACK!!!!!!!!!