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04-01-06, 05:38
Hey, Ive been off the past 2 weeks from school on my christmas holidays. I go back to school 9th January.

I got into the habit of staying on these forums until 4 in the morning and I am now stuck in a routine where I dont feel sleepy until 6am, and when I go to bed at this time, I wake up at 4 in the afternoon:(

I really want to get back into my routine b4 I go back to school cos its really hard to get out of.

Last night I was up until 10am (thats right, I was up all night on TRForums lol:D ) and when I got to sleep, my mom forced me up at 1pm, I was really tired all day. So when my friends came over, they were on the computer, and I was next them watching TV.

When Jade asked me where the camera USB cable was.....I was flat out asleep on the bed:p

So I slept all last night and woke up at midnight:D

Now Ive been up all night and I feel really groggy
Does anyone know any remedies on how to get to sleep quicker?

04-01-06, 06:42
Sex, oh wait that is evil.

Try pills that you will be hooked on forever.

Or do what I do and just stay up till you are tired and its dark outside. I've gone as long as 60 hours with no sleep trying to get back into a 'normal' routine.

But honestly, once you are back in a daily routine...you wont have a problem adjusting again. Artificial aides will only create different problems. :)

04-01-06, 06:47
Draco, what you do on ur own time.....I don't wanna know:rolleyes:

04-01-06, 06:57
Is it really that hard to see humor? :p

04-01-06, 07:59
:vlol: Draco! Anthony, yes i noticed you've been up all night! Lol, i stay up till 1/2/3 am in the morning! Im not that desperate :D

Draco, Sex? Wouldnt that KEEP you awake? :wve:

04-01-06, 08:01
Not after your done.

04-01-06, 08:07

04-01-06, 08:11
Lets not get off topic:D

BTW I have been up for 26 hours
I gotta stop this b4 I go to school
And for some reason, I dont feel tired:(

04-01-06, 08:15
Anthony! your very naughty! I sent you a PM!

04-01-06, 12:30
My advice Anthony is don't go to sleep at all tonight. Try and stay awake all night and all day tomorrow.

That means by Thursday night you will be so tired that you will go to sleep thoughout the night and wake up Friday morning.

Back in routine!

04-01-06, 12:39
UT thats exactly what Im dojng
I think this will get me back to normal

04-01-06, 14:21
Sex, oh wait that is evil.

Could always do somthing to substitute sex :mis::mis:

I hope you sleeping pattern goes back to normal and stop being so god damn wonkey Anthony :)

04-01-06, 14:23
My advice Anthony is don't go to sleep at all tonight. Try and stay awake all night and all day tomorrow.

That's what I did. Last night was the first night after christmas that I actually slept well :wve:

04-01-06, 14:52
Some natural remedies you could try is to drink chamomile tea. It is well known for being relaxing and to help you sleep. Try it with honey! :)

Essensial oils are also great for relaxing. My mum is an aroma therapist, so I have some knowledge about it. I often put some lavender oil under my nose or in my bed if I have trouble sleeping. Essensial oils really works wonders! Feels like valium! :D :D

04-01-06, 15:08
Could always do somthing to substitute sex :mis::mis:

Whatever could you be referring to? :mis:

tlr online
04-01-06, 15:16
Wanna know what works for me? Running. Slap on a pair of running shoes and go for a long run. When I say long run, I mean a long run!

Really push yourself. The adrenaline burst will give you a natural high, and the come-down will relax your body. You'll be asleep in no time whatsoever

04-01-06, 15:34
:vlol: Good suggestion Justin ! :tmb:


Anthony, Go on MSN, there is something i think you should know about.


04-01-06, 15:35
Could always do somthing to substitute sex :mis::mis:

Lavinder! you sneaky devil! I dont think Sexual Activity Substitution would help ;) :vlol:

tlr online
04-01-06, 15:37
Anthony, Go on MSN, there is something i think you should know about.

Am I missing out on something? :rolleyes:

04-01-06, 17:44
Really push yourself. The adrenaline burst will give you a natural high, and the come-down will relax your body. You'll be asleep in no time whatsoever

Reading your post just made me sleepy! :D

04-01-06, 17:54
If I'm restless and still full of energy at night I use this natural product and I'm good. :)


04-01-06, 18:23
Reading this thread before you go to sleep could help ...

04-01-06, 18:28
Are you trying to imply something....? :p

04-01-06, 18:35
Wouldn't dare :p

04-01-06, 18:44
Well, I've stayed awake all day today. And I feel really tired.
I've had 12 cups of coffie, threw up once,l and Ive been expelling more water than Niagara Falls!:(
How can I mkae it to 11pm?
Coffie is just making me sick:(

04-01-06, 19:30
Right, hopefully this post will actually make it, last one didn't :p

Here are some of my tips for getting over insomnia....hope at least one helps! :wve:

*Re-establish your daily routine - getting up at a certain time and going to bed a certain time.

*Try a hot bath with relaxing oils etc.

*A glass of wine might help sooth you. Avoid heavy spirits though.

*If alcohol isn't your thing, maybe try Phenergan. It's an over-the-counter remedy for hayfever etc, but is also used as a pre-med (what they give patients about to have surgery to help relax them). This is usually a last resort remedy for me, but it definitely helps me sometimes! ;) Only slight drawback is it tends to give me really wierd dreams...:pi:

*Sleep in an environment you feel good about sleeping in! Obvious this may seem, but it is far easier to nod off in a clean, clutter-free, relaxing room than in one that isn't! Try candles (that you can trust to burn out harmlessly), soft music, soothing fragrances/incense etc

Hope these help! :hug:

04-01-06, 19:35
*A glass of wine might help sooth you.

Amen to that.

04-01-06, 19:49
Note I said A glass of wine! One sniff of the bottle is usually enough for me to see pretty tweety bluebirds anyway :cln: Too much alcohol is supposed to keep you awake though isn't it?! No good for this thread! :rolleyes:

04-01-06, 20:01
Oh, I see the A now :p
No seriously, never tried it for sleeping :)

04-01-06, 20:04
lol :D

Seriously I'm not a drinker. Very occassionally, when I need to wind down after a lot of stress, it can be very pleasant to have cold glass of wine, and a hot bath and.....and...and this whole thread is now officially making me sleepy! Arggg!!! :D

04-01-06, 20:43
Do you require any hypnotic help Anthony? :D

Seriously, if you need to stay awake a bit longer, sitting at a computer or a TV won't help. Keep active. You could go to sleep now. You'll wake very early, but the following night, stay awake just for an extra hour from the time you went to bed tonight. Do that each night until you are at the time you normally want to go to bed. Doing it that way is a lot more easier.