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04-01-06, 13:25
Virile Kebab 03 Jan 2006 18:27:00

By Vagelis Theodorou

The stomach cramps of a British woman from Cumbria, who thought she was suffering from food poisoning and thus rushed to hospital, turned out to be labour pains. It all started on Christmas Eve, when Helen Smitham, 25, felt severe stomach pains and asked her mother to take her to hospital as she thought she had eaten a bad kebab. Mother and daughter were left speechless when the doctors informed them of the premature birth of a baby, instead of a stomach wash! I had absolutely no idea. When I had stomach pains I thought it was the kebab," declared the 25-year-old, adding that the doctors who examined her did not have time to tell her before the baby arrived. Little Deaton, weighing under 2kg, is in the premature baby unit at West Cumberland Hospital. Helen’s partner, Mark Askew, 41, declared he was delighted. "She was at work until the Friday before Christmas and we’d gone out doing the normal things, like going for a drink, Christmas parties and socialising," he said after Deaton’s birth.


04-01-06, 14:29
Well............quite a surprise!! http://www.clicksmilies.com/s0105/spezial/Fool/ma.gif

But I really do wonder how a 25 year old woman did not realise that she was pregnant. :pi:

04-01-06, 20:21
It's not an unknown phenomenon Gabi. There are many cases of women who simply did not show.

04-01-06, 20:51
I know, Net.

But it's not only the "showing". There are lots of other signs that your body gives you and I am simply surprised that a 25 year old has not noticed any of these changes or should I say "interpreted them correctly".

04-01-06, 21:08
Sure Gabi, but I understand it's also possible not to have many of these other signs. The main one (monthlies gone) I remember some cases where the women concerned were too frightened by what that could mean, and so didn't investigate. I don't think it's a matter of the woman's age, but more about what she and other such women could have been afraid of. And of course, I don't think one can expect any woman to automatically know just because she's a woman. She also simply may not have had the right kind of education. Some people are brought up in a very closeted way that profoundly stifles understanding of their own bodies.

04-01-06, 21:15
Of course you are right, and I do not debate that. The mind is a very powerful tool.
It still surprises me, though. But then I do not know much about the circumstances in this case.

Btw. "The monthlies" - I have lived here in England for about 12 years now, but I never have heard it being called that. :)

And...........why is your green light not on, or are you constantly logging on and off?


04-01-06, 21:40
I'm surprised you're surprised Gabi. These kinds of cases never surprise me. I often think it's fascinating that a woman can be pregnant and have no idea. Especially, as you say, it being such a body changing condition (under normal circumstances), and especially as it is, I would think, one of the most profound experiences a woman can undergo.

My green light isn't on because I'm logged on under invisible mode. ;)

04-01-06, 21:55
Gabi sometimes women who are pregnant still actually have a light period right through the pregnancy so are not aware that they are pregnant for that reason.

When my mother was pregnant with me she was very disappointed that she couldn't wear pregnancy clothes as she was so small she wore her normal clothes right the way through. I was around 5 lb at birth and was full term.

They do not say how premature the baby was, my girlfriend had her first baby at 28 weeks which is very premature and she didn't show much at all. It just looked like she had put on a few pounds.

04-01-06, 22:05
Yes Net, yes Tramp, I know and I agree with you.
I am still amazed by the fact that somehow she did not know, feel or was aware of it intuitively.

But then, as I said before, I do not know anything about the specific circumstances.
And as long as it was a pleasant surprise..............

EDIT: I have just realised that instead of saying "....it surprises me...." I maybe should have used the term ".... I am amazed by the fact that...."