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05-01-06, 14:01
New Scandal Rocks White House 04 Jan 2006 22:00:00

By Despina Hristopoulou

Sources: ΝΕΤ, Guardian, BBC

A new scandal assuming political and economical dimensions has played havoc with the US political system. The new disclosures were prompted by former prominent Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who pleaded guilty of charges of fraud, conspiracy and tax evasion. He also revealed that he participated in a ring bribing Congressmen. He further added that he intends to reveal the names of the Congressmen he bribed, thus causing a racking headache to the Bush administration, which has not yet survived more recent scandals. Experts think that should Abramoff "spill the beans," the scandal is certainly to have hair-raising implications. Following the initial disclosures, the White House announced that the money Abramoff had provided for contributing President Bush’s second election campaign would be donated to the American Heart Association




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