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05-01-06, 19:15
Cute friends from the animal world :)

05-01-06, 19:16
Aw, they're lovely! Thanks Anubis. :D

05-01-06, 19:18
Aww... :hug: The 3rd one is best. Thank-you! :wve:

05-01-06, 19:26
I think Anubis won't dare to post "cute guys",after the comments made by me and Thorn about the other thread ;)!
They're quite lovely,though!

05-01-06, 19:31
AwWwWw , they're cute :hug:

05-01-06, 19:35
they are so lovely and cute (you got thpse pictures of MY site huh?) ^^ :D:jmp:

05-01-06, 19:41
Awwwwww :hug: Especially the bunnies :hug:

You gotta stop making this über-cute threads, Anubis :D

05-01-06, 20:42
The two bunnies would have to be my favourite, they look so cute and fluffy :D

05-01-06, 21:05
They look so innocent don't they. They always do. But their not. Mine looked cute and innocent this morning too, just before she chewed though the damn phone line. Couldn't find the spare so I have just spent half an hour splicing the wires and taping them up. I was in internet withdrawal in about 5 minutes.

05-01-06, 21:09
LOL Kate! :vlol:
Sorry to hear that :hug:

05-01-06, 21:19
They are EVIL I tell you Adam, just plain EVIL.

05-01-06, 21:30
They are EVIL I tell you Adam, just plain EVIL.
I know what you mean...Have one myself (well, now a bunny but a guinea pig). Most of the time she is cute and fluffy :)
But on the next moment she will bite and I'll once again run around the room, finger filled with excruciating pain :hea:

05-01-06, 21:45
Waking up with a puppy chewing on your chin, nose or ears is not pleasant either. Those teeth are like needles. Boy it wakes you up in a hurry.

05-01-06, 22:01
I can only imagine because I don't have a dog and to be honest...don't want one either. My grandmother has a cat who always sneaks into the bedroom and somehow gets under the blanket. And it's not very good to wake in the middle of the night, feeling there is something very hairy against your leg.
It scared the hell out of me...

ben croft
07-01-06, 00:27
Cute. :)

Cat Girl
07-01-06, 06:56
they're soooooooooo cute and lovely.:hug: i loved them all.:D

07-01-06, 09:15
Aww... :hug: