View Full Version : AnthonyShock, WTH are you doing up at this hour?

06-01-06, 01:39
I Take it you didn't find your sleep remedy!? I recommend, in fact I ORDER YOU to bed right now! :p

You'll never be ready for school!

What you need to do, while you are up...is stay up! All day tomorrow, even if you get tired, SLAP YOURSELF or I will internetically slap you awake. Stay up until about 6pm, it's very hard but you can do it, then you will sleep all nighty through, wake up about 4-6am the next morning, by the time night comes around, you will be knackered (again) and voila! Your back in a routine.

06-01-06, 01:59
Kindly use PM for Personal Messages, Legend. ;)