View Full Version : I got a PSP!

06-01-06, 01:42
hey everybody! i'm writing this on my PSP's web browser! I got it for my b-day!! any suggestions?

06-01-06, 01:42
Play a game on it. :P

Congrats. I heard they're pretty slick little gadgets. ;)

06-01-06, 01:44
awesome! I wish i had one! :D

06-01-06, 07:21
i got one too, lol

Cat Girl
06-01-06, 10:49
you're so lucky. i bet games are awsome on the PSP. i wish i had one too.

06-01-06, 13:51
Wow congratulations!! :tmb:

what games do you have for it? :)

06-01-06, 13:57
Congratulations! I'm hopeful of getting one myself once the next price drop occurs.

06-01-06, 14:21
I'm not a real fan of the handhelds , but i must admit that the PSP is a good one

Lucky you

06-01-06, 14:24
ive heard those are great. will u buy tr:legend for it when it its released???
happy birthday btw :wve:

ben croft
07-01-06, 00:34
Congrats and enjoy it. :tmb:

07-01-06, 01:00
I have one, I LOVE IT
and if u can go right now and get GTA liberty city stories, OMG ITS SO WORTH IT!!!!

07-01-06, 03:44
I also have one they are great! like Spitfire said get GTA:LCS its awesome, I also just bought Infected for its tons of fun, I just unlocked bloodrayne for it!anyways Happy birthday!

07-01-06, 04:40
You're so incredibly lucky. I want one so bad! I played my friends', he had Grand Theft Auto on it, it was awesome!

07-01-06, 10:35
Cool! Congrats! Does web browsing cost a lot? Does it have a sim card in it? :confused: