View Full Version : Shoebox appeal infecting Muslim children with christian propaganda!

06-01-06, 11:01
I've just heard some sickening news
Ive never been so sickened in my life.
And to beleve they are convincing children in school to do this! In my school they are doing it too.

Cargo planes filled with more than 400,000 shoe boxes left the Denver and Charlotte airports this past week, headed for poor child overseas. The yearly effort of Samaritan's Purse is called Operation Christmas Child.
About 7 million shoe box gifts will be handed out in almost 100 countries.
But in all the boxes are being placed christian propaganda. Yes, thats right, they are trying to convert young muslims into christians by placing christian books, literature and bibles in boxes. How sickening, and teachers in my school are pursuading people inmy school to do this:(

A huge cargo plane took off from New York to Africa packed with
100,000 shoeboxes, filled with gifts for children infected with the
AIDS virus. The effort is called Operation Christmas Child and is
coordinated by Frankin Graham's Samaritan's Purse.

Im sickened:mad:

Real Life Lara
06-01-06, 11:17
Hmm... well theres two ways of looking at it I guess... on one hand, they arent being given a choice of religions... but on the other, these kids are dying of AIDS... if they choose to read them, people are giving them the chance to read a book that might give them faith, hope for what might wait them when their time finally comes. Im not religious myself but I can understand that when these kids have so little to look forward to, the Bible might give them hope still. :-/ Not sure if anyone gets that... Im not great at wording opinions o_O

06-01-06, 11:21
I think it got through OK:)

Real Life Lara
06-01-06, 11:31
...wait a second... theres something highly wrong with my last post... these are *Muslim* children you say.... so they already have a faith. Agh Im an idiot lol Forget my last post then, I was speaking in the terms that they didnt have a religion. o.O :rolleyes: