View Full Version : Lara is the ONLY video game charachter EVERYBODY knows

Lara Croft Fan Joe
06-01-06, 21:00
well if you havnt heard of lara croft uve been living on mars for the past 10 years. i mean my parents and granparents have heard of em, EVRYBODY has (practically), id lyk to know if there any other charachters that are widely known, because i cant think of any others! lol

06-01-06, 21:00
Sonic the Hedgehog. :D :wve: I'd say he is pretty well known.

06-01-06, 21:02
Mario and Sonic.

06-01-06, 21:17
The title sounds like you have something to back this up :rolleyes:

06-01-06, 21:24
In the Official Xbox Magazine UK it stated that 90% of the population (whether it meant UK or world, I'm not sure) recognised the name of Lara Croft. (Or image, I can't remember. Memory and me don't mix :D)

Pretty impressive stuff!

And, apart from Lara, I have to ditto what other people have said. Mario and Sonic are widely known as well.

06-01-06, 21:39
Yeah, I'd think Mario was one of the most widley-known gaming character. I hadn't heard of Lara Croft until my younger cousin showed me Tomb Raider III!

06-01-06, 21:54
i should aggree with mario! :D
he is practially known by every single person

Lara Croft Fan Joe
06-01-06, 22:07
well yes sonic definatly, but i dunno bout mario, i mean it i asked my mum and she dusnt know him, well i mean when i say lara is known by everybody, i mean older folk aswell, apart from mayb those who dont own a tv or are dead. i guess ppl know lara coz of the SO many adverts and memorabilia and the movies aswell.

06-01-06, 22:14
yeah probably only mario is more well know then lara.

lara is the best though! :D

Lara Croft Fan Joe
06-01-06, 22:17
yeah probably only mario is more well know then lara.

lara is the best though! :D

Really? i mean lyk i sed non of my relatives have heard of mario, or mayB theyve forgotten i dunno, he hasnt been around 4 a while.. has he? but i DEFINATLY agree with the last bit:-) if so tho lets just say lara is the most HUMANE game charachter, mario is basicly a small midget with a moustash and sonic is well... a hedghog

06-01-06, 22:22
i heard lara overtook the first place from mario in the late 90's as the most known game character. but since then lara havent been very active.

from the old days, i think many know who Donkey Kong and Link from Zelda are too...