View Full Version : Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Caleb vs Turok Han

07-01-06, 15:51
Sicne there are quite a lot of Buffy fans here. I just wanted to know your views on this question, it's been bugging me for ages.:hea:

In season 7, 2 agents of the first are caleb and the uber-vamp ( Turok - Han )
Who would win if they had a fight?

I always though the Uber-Vamp would, because it bashed Buffy up much more than Caleb did.
What do you think?:confused:

07-01-06, 16:25
I Think that the Uber Vamp wud aslo, here's a fight though Glory or Caleb.

07-01-06, 18:05
Glory, she is a Godess, mega strong, they could only kill her because they used the Olaf Hammer