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tlr online
07-01-06, 18:23
How sad that - when needed - Charles Kennedy couldn't rely on his party members for support. Instead they stuck the knife in. Very sad indeed! :mad:

Embattled Kennedy quits as leader

Charles Kennedy has resigned as Liberal Democrat leader. In a statement at Lib Dem HQ, Mr Kennedy said he had been "inundated" with support from party members since admitting having a drink problem.

But he had decided to quit immediately because it had become clear he did not have strong enough support among MPs. Deputy leader Sir Menzies Campbell has said he intends to stand in the leadership race. Simon Hughes and Mark Oaten could be among his rivals.

Mr Kennedy's resignation comes after 25 MPs delivered an ultimatum saying they would refuse to serve on the Lib Dem front bench unless he resigned by Monday. And more than half of his 62 MPs told a BBC Newsnight survey that Mr Kennedy should go or said his position was untenable.

Mr Kennedy on Thursday said he would call - and stand in - a leadership election after admitting battling to overcome a drink problem. Now he says he will play no part in the contest for the leadership of the party which is the third biggest in the UK.

In his statement on Saturday afternoon, Mr Kennedy said he had thought it fair to give party members a say in his continuing leadership. Mr Kennedy said he had enormously appreciated the messages of support received from grassroots members.



07-01-06, 19:57
I feel sorry for him. This was the excuse they were looking for.

The media know how to kick a man when he is down. How sad. Alcoholism is a serious issue which affects millions of people. Yet the media treat it as a joke and drag the man through the mud. How the hell do these so called journalists get their qualifications?

08-01-06, 03:12
The one time an MP shows he is human and they stick the knife in. I would say I hope the party pays for it at the election, but alas, that will likely mean an increase in the Tory vote.