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08-01-06, 02:18
School starts back monday for me. I dreamed I was back and I went to one of my guy-friends and asked, "Hey Nick, how was your Christmas?" he glared at me pointed and said "I'll remember you said that."

Then I was all alone at my school late at night. suddenly I'm being chased by this headless guy all over the place. (the school was a lot bigger in my dream) he had some kind of weapon with him. Suddenly the guys from the show "Supernatural" show up. with them is a guy that uses a lot of "thee's" and "Thou's" I run to them and hide behind them.

This gets better

Behind them I'm perfectly protected. but, me being my dreamlike stupid self start to back away from the whole bunch and run out the door to find a more "suitable" hiding spot.

It wasn't till I woke up that i realized who the headless guy was. He was my second period teacher. One of my favorite teachers.

Hope that wasn't too long.

Maureen Errant
08-01-06, 02:32
:) really strange..................I usually don't remember my dreams.........although I do remember a dream I had when I was little. I was riding a horse on a path by a river...and this long cloak billowing behind me. I KNOW in this dream I'm a guy, but I'm not..................honest.:D

08-01-06, 02:33
Weird to both of those dreams! :eek:

08-01-06, 02:55
I've been chased by teachers in my dreams too, twice. Both of them were computing teachers incidentally, lol. The first time I only remember being pursued through the school during the daytime, I'd been called out of class to see the headteacher about something and run away to avoid getting a row, so my old computing teacher chased after me. Ended up on the roof above the chemistry labs after a while of chasing, and I think I pushed him off the edge of the roof so he fell about fifteen metres to the ground. This guy is one of the creepiest teachers in the school.

The second dream was pretty recent and followed the same theme, but it was a bit more disturbing on the psychological/social level so it'd take way too long to explain it. Happened with a different teacher.

Sounds like you're scared of letting your teacher down. Is he tough on people who don't do their homework or arrive late or whatever, or does he get really mad (aka. "lose his head") with offenders?

08-01-06, 03:04
No, he's not tough on anybody. He's really cool.

I had to be home alone last night because my dad had to go to ER. He's fine now, but that and the stress of school might have caused that dream. I also dreamt about the headless guy the night before. Except It was like i was in a game and the headless guy was some boss i had to defeat.

I wonder how my friend ties into all this. I usually don't interpret my dreams unless it's something about my dad, so I'm not going to worry:D

08-01-06, 06:02
Sounds like you have skills to resolve a problem and are prepared for a new experience but you fear it (hence the running away). You backing out to find a more "suitable" hiding spot shows fear.

usually the appearance of friends (known to you in real life) in dreams is a symbol of joy and appearances of unknown friends symbolises mystery that needs to be solved. :wve: