View Full Version : What is your favorite candy?

08-01-06, 03:19
I still like Milky Way. It's a hundred years old,
but nobody came up with a better one yet.

I haven't seen these candy brands in a long long time:
Sugar Babies
Charleston Chew
Black Cow
Bit O' Honey
Sugar Daddy
Mars Bar
Mallow Cremes
Slow Poke

08-01-06, 03:21
Eye Candy

Soma Holiday
08-01-06, 03:49
lol regga :D

I love mees Butterfingers and 5th Avenues, but Skor's White KitKats, Skittles, and Reeses Pieces are good too. ;)

I haven't seen that zebra gum in forever, it was so nasty, but I still loved it hehe :D

08-01-06, 03:54
White Kit Kats? Never saw them, but that sounds good to me.

08-01-06, 03:57
Either Razzles or Starburst. :D

Soma Holiday
08-01-06, 03:58
White Kit Kats? Never saw them, but that sounds good to me.

Awe, they're to DIE for! :D I don't even like normal kitkats, but the white chocolate ones....*drools*

They have strawberry kitkats in Canada, though I never tried one. :(

08-01-06, 04:01
Wanta: you never seen Mars bars in the States? They're one of the most popular bars here.

My favourite... is... oh heck. Snickers, Toblerone, Terry's chocolate orange, all types of M&M's, Maltesers, Galaxy Minstrels, KitKat Chunky.

08-01-06, 04:06
Probably just about anything with chocolate.

08-01-06, 04:08
Probably just about anything with chocolate.
yep same for me, but i ejoy m&ms, snickers and crunch the most.

08-01-06, 05:31
Hey Gecko, I see Toblerone all the time in my store. Those are those big bars triangle shaped, right? I'll have to try one, because now you got me curious.

No, I haven't seen Mars bars in years. Maybe they're just not in my store. When Nestle bought Mars, things changed. I think there's only 2 big candy companies in the US now, Hershey and Nestle. Sad.

My favorite gum used to be Chiclets, but I don't see those anymore either. I like Juicy Fruit, Bazooka, and Dentyne regular. I never understood why anybody likes Tic Tacs. They look like little medicine pills. The Sugar-Free gums make me cough and I guess I'm a little allergic to the artificial sweetener. We used to put Milky Way into the freezer! They were great that way. Good and Plenty used to be a favorite, but it's too sweet for me now that I'm grown.


Melonie Tomb Raider
08-01-06, 05:43
I like skittles, Starburst, stuff like that. I'm a candy fanatic!

I've held back from eating it so much though after going to the dentist and having to get 5 cavities filled! 5!!! I couldn't believe it, I've never had a cavity in my life, and I am a fanatic with the care of my teeth. lol. I brush at least twice a day, but usually more like 3 or 4 times a day, and I use whitening strips too. So my teeth are really clean and white, but obviously candy can really give you a lot of trouble. haha! Sad too, because I don't really like chocolate (couldn't even have it if I wanted it due to me recent 'health condition'). So yeah, I've REALLY slowed down with the candy. :p

SpongeBob Lover
08-01-06, 05:58
I LOVE mexican toxic candy soooooooo yummy, that must suck melonie i had four cavities that needed fiilings, always forget to brush my teeth but not anymore since the pain i expeirienced at the dentist (TERRIFYING)i hate going to the dentist

EDIT: one more post till im an explorer!!!!!!

Maureen Errant
08-01-06, 06:01
hi Meloni:wve: You could still buy Charleston Chews and Mars Bars but you would have to come up to Canada.:)

My favorite candy is Werthers.
Could be chocolate, but I classify chocolate as it's own seperate food group.:jmp:

Melonie Tomb Raider
08-01-06, 06:06
Mars bars? aren't those chocolate? Maybe not.. lol. I've got something weird going on with my heart at the moment (As weird as that is, I'm a skinny 19-year-old and I've got heart issues...), so caffeigne has to be 100% out of my diet until they figure out what's up and fix it.

Any way, I used to live like 30 minutes away from Canada, but right now I'm waaaay down in Alabama, so that's not really an option for me atm. :p haha!

Maureen Errant
08-01-06, 06:23
I live about and hour away from the U S of A................................but on the west coast.

Question......................what's the weather like down there? It's been raining here for about 2 weekd straight. I could cry. It even rained on Christmas.:(

08-01-06, 06:40
I love Lindt Chocolate :)

08-01-06, 07:37
I love chocolate liquor cherries. My other favourite is Bueno's. They are so nice.

Basically I love any kind of Chocolate except those with coffee flavour. But I don't like cold coffee at all I only like it hot.

Maureen Errant
08-01-06, 07:47
doffee flavored chocolate..............coffee flavored ice cream..............coffee....coffee...coffee..coff ee.coffee COFFEE hang on I'll be right back:D

i forgot: coffee flavored hard candies.....yummmmy

08-01-06, 08:28
I love chocolate. Especially White.

Pocket Coffee are my fav.

08-01-06, 10:04
WONKA PIXY STIX (I just had one ^^) and and and HERSHEY'S! ^_____________^

08-01-06, 10:29
I'm not picky. Anything with lots of chocolate will do :D

08-01-06, 10:56
Bueno (can resist that one! ><)

08-01-06, 11:00
All things with Chocolate :wve:

08-01-06, 11:01
Bueno (can resist that one! ><)

Omg :cln: Ever tried heating it in the microwave? I did that once :p I also tried Twix in the microwave...Its pretty good ^^

08-01-06, 12:17
Dairy Milk
Fruit Pastilles
Wine Gums

Though I can go for a long time without wanting sweets, I also have the ability to stuff all sorts of junk without experiencing negative effects. :p

08-01-06, 12:18
Salt licorice.

08-01-06, 12:20
Hmm probably Mars Bars and Milky Way!

08-01-06, 12:22
I love Milky Way as well, though I haven't had it in ages. I always try to pick the chocolate off the outside. :D

08-01-06, 12:30
Dairy Milk & Galaxy are my favourite. But if I could get neither, then any chocolate would do. :p