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tlr online
08-01-06, 09:14
Our Tomb Raider Chronicles Power Search is now back online and ready for input. The downtime has been due to server performance issues, but since our move onto our new POWER HOUSE (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/headlines2527.html) the popular feature is once again enabled and indexing on an hourly basis. Here's the PR:

The entire Tomb Raider Chronicles web site - comprising more than 3,400 documents - is spidered hourly by our digital crawler Gertie who diligently gathers a blueprint of each page and records the data to a fully searchable database. This database can return results in a number of formats including date and/or score or by subject.

Our news archive - featuring 2,528 headlines and counting - spans almost six years and continues to expand on a daily basis. Use our invaluable resource for research or simply take a stroll down memory lane to learn of happenings this day six years ago.

For accurate results, wrap your search terms in speech-marks and press GO. Omit speech-marks for generic results. To return popular subject-grouped headlines sorted by date, navigate to Popular Searches.



Tomb Raider Master
08-01-06, 09:19
Great news, J! :tmb:

08-01-06, 10:30
Great! :D :tmb:

08-01-06, 11:01
That sounds really great :tmb: !

08-01-06, 13:12
Ideal :tmb:

08-01-06, 13:14
Brilliant! :tmb:

08-01-06, 14:29
Wooooooooo :jmp:

08-01-06, 14:40
That sounds really good. Thank you! :)

08-01-06, 14:50
Coolio :jmp:

ben croft
08-01-06, 16:01
Thanks tlr. :tmb: