View Full Version : Wanna know why i absolutely love Tomb Raider Forums & why ive been here for so Long?

08-01-06, 14:29
Hi there, i thought i will just share one of my forum stories.

I was a newbie to the Tomb Raider Level Editor, and i had just got the internet. I signed up at a forum im not going to mention. And i was there for maybe umm... 3 months. And it wasnt very fun. Here i Go

I posted a picture of my Lara with an Outfit which was a nice Japanese Kimono looking thing, and then some member, i cant remember who but he or she called me a
"********* ****** *****" for making an outfit of Lara in pink :confused:
So I GOT A WARNING! I dont know why but I got a warning :confused:

So after a few weeks, there was a thread about posting Member photo's so i posted my photo.
And some member who had a High Post count and was a Moderator i think called me an **** *** *****

So i got Banned! I cant even view the Site! I dont know why! No one has ever called me names on TRforums which is what i love about it! Its so awesome! I know that, the member who called me an **** *** *****
was telling the truth, i am ugly but atleast here people dont think so, unless u's are dissing me behind my back :D



[Mod Edit: do NOT circumvent the censoring system of the forum's software. Just type your words and let the system do its job. Thanks]

08-01-06, 14:33
We are all too lovely to say anything horrible to anyone! :hug: I have to agree with you on one bit though......I love TRF also! :wve:

tlr online
08-01-06, 14:33

I think I've mentioned before that any complaints about other forums NOT find their way onto our forum, because all those involved are not here to speak for themselves, nor would we want that also.

I'm glad, however, that you find our forum pleasing. :)

08-01-06, 14:34
TRF is one of the friendliest forums i know
U're now on the right place Zac :wve:

08-01-06, 14:36
I wouldn't miss that kind of forum. I'd be better off without it. I also love TRF, and I'm here everyday.

08-01-06, 14:36
Zac, don't bring our private buisness onto this forum

08-01-06, 14:37
Yes Thankyou For your replies!

TLR, Im sorry, i forgot! Should i remove my post? Or just remove the name of the forum i was at? Because that forum i dont like :vlol:

I have never had ONE Bad comment against me here! maybe i think from ChubbyChops or something who has been suspended but its ok now ;)


08-01-06, 14:38
Anthony, i didnt, i was talking about another forum :confused:

Also, i have edited my first post ;)

08-01-06, 14:40
Anyways, I love this forum, Im really used to the new software now.

08-01-06, 14:44
Please edit your post, it had nothing to do with you anyway and You just said not to Mix Personal life with TRF. :rolleyes:

Anyway, I really do love TRF. It has been the most helpful to me!

08-01-06, 14:47
U guys know eachother in real life or somethin' ? :rolleyes:

08-01-06, 14:49
U guys know eachother in real life or somethin' ? :rolleyes:

:vlol: LaRaMaster! No we dont :vlol: