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08-01-06, 16:26
this month Charmed officialy becomes one of the longest running show with female leads in the history of television. The show goes on it's 8 season currently showing it's new episode mr. and mrs. witch tonight on sunday. This show has been through ups and downs loosing a cast mate (shannen dorherty). it survived through it's thursday time slot in the wb witch is the worst time slot you could get and still survived. and it's survived through the ratings to finnaly maek ti to it's final season this year. well theres know word yet as of it is being cancelledor not but have high hopes that it will make it to a season 9. if Charmed does make it so a season 9 they will end up making 200 episodes. nobody event hough the show would even make it through 8 years. even the cast of charmed and brad kern never htought itwouldlast that long but lookat the show now

So hope you guys catch tonights episode of charmed MR. AND MRS. WITCH witch is liek mr. and mrs. smith the movie on thewb at 7/8 central time

08-01-06, 16:30
Cool, I'll try to watch it! :tmb:

08-01-06, 16:33
Wow, I never knew that.

I used to watch it when it first started running, but I don't really like it anymore...

08-01-06, 16:41
i know many people have givin up on the show but this season is looking really good with the new witch in town for the charmed ones

08-01-06, 16:42
Yeah, but I liked it how it was, only Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Then Prue died, and I got used to having Paige there too. And now this new blonde one comes... Eh, it changes too often.

08-01-06, 16:45
apparently they kinda have to. iliek the new witch she brings in a great spark to thje show i ahve never seen before and now the girls are finnaly making me laugh again with there witycome backs and stuff

08-01-06, 17:15
I've never managed to get into it. It just seems corny to me. Most series like that do...

08-01-06, 17:26
I thought season 7 of Charmed was the last season ever going to be made until I flicked over to LivingTV and seen a bit of the first episode of season 8. :jmp:

08-01-06, 17:35
Buffy could have beaten the milked out Charmed if they made just one more season. :ton:

08-01-06, 22:08
charmed is awesome and so much fun to watch! they deserve that title! however we are a little behind on the show here int turkey:( i wish i could have seen mr and mrs witch.. tell me how it goes lol