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East Mediterranean Rocked 08 Jan 2006 17:13:00 (Last updated: 08 Jan 2006 19:32:14)

By Annita Paschalinou

Sources: Jerusalem Post, Ynetnews, Anadolu, ANSA, Hina

The 6.9 magnitude quake that rattled almost all of Greece was also felt in many Mediterranean countries and quickly made the headlines of international television stations and newspapers. The quake was felt as far as Tel Aviv and Haifa in Israel, Amman in Jordan, Puglia, Sicily and Campagna in Italy. The online edition of the Jerusalem post provides information on the magnitude of the quake, adding it was also felt in Cairo, Amman in Jordan, Naples and Sicily in Italy, where there are no reports on damages. As per the article, it was rather felt in Israel. "Clarice Nassif Ransom, a USGS spokeswoman in Washington, said scientists project that as many as six million people may have felt the earthquake," reads the article.

Felt in Tel Aviv and Haifa

The story posted on Ynet news cited statements from Director General of the Geophysical Institute of Israel Dr. Uri Frieslander said the earthquake hit the Greek island of Crete at 1:36 p.m. "The institute received many calls by residents who felt the quake, mainly along the coast," he said.

What is more, inhabitants in Haifa and Beer Sheva said they felt the ground tremble.

“I am located in a tall building on the eighth floor,” Effie Bauman of Beer Sheva said. “I felt the building move; it wasn’t anything major, but everything shook. I asked the neighbors, and they all said they felt it too.”

Eli Karko of Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv, said he was on the computer at the time of the quake when his chair, as well as his house moved.

As Far as Turkish Coasts and South Italy

The Anadolu Turkish news agency also referred to the quake, noting it was also felt in the western coasts of Turkey. Online newspaper zaman cited the US Geological Institute, which said the quake measured 6.7 on the Richter scale.

The quake made the headlines of Italian news agency ANSA's website.

Strong earthquake in Greece, without fears of tsunami," is the title of the article, which underlines the quake was felt in Puglia, Basilacata, Sicily and Campania, without any reports on victims or damages.

In Croatia Too

Croatian TV station HRT and Croatian news agency Hina also broadcast news on the quake, noting the epicentre was 1100km from Zagreb and was felt in many cities in southern Croatia, Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar, on the coasts of the Adriatic sea.

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