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08-01-06, 18:16
Has anyone else seen this movie. I went to see it last night and I was absouletly Amazed. This film was excellent and very sad, even though I seen the original this one is brilliant. If you havent seen this movie, make plans to go and see it.

08-01-06, 18:18
I haven't seen it yet! I really really want to but my mum's not convinced, since 'Everyone knows the story of King Kong...' I know it's a brilliant film, but I've got to find a way to convince her. :rolleyes:

08-01-06, 18:20
That what my mum said, but i went to see it yesterday with my brothers.

tlr online
08-01-06, 18:22
It's on my list. Anything directed by Peter Jackson is a must!!

08-01-06, 18:22
What is it with mums and King Kong? :vlol:

Hopefully it'll be the next film I go to see, though. I've heard so many great things about it. :)

EDIT: Yes tlr! Everything that man directs turns to gold...

08-01-06, 18:22
I reall really really want to this!

08-01-06, 18:25
Trust me u will not be dissapointed,

@ tlr yes PJ is a great and talented director LOTR trilogy, WOW WOW WOW

08-01-06, 19:04
BRIALLIANT movie, watched it about a week ago!

08-01-06, 19:05
Not planning to see it.

08-01-06, 19:18
I hear it's good, and it surely must be a true spectacle...but for some reason I'm not that interested in it.

08-01-06, 20:10
I felt like that at first, but when i went to go and see it yesterday i wanted to see it again (even though it is on for 3 and 1/2 hours)

Cat Girl
08-01-06, 20:15
king kong movie is great. that's what i heard. and i'm planning to watch it tomorrow.:ton:

08-01-06, 20:15
Not planning to see it.

the same here , lol

08-01-06, 20:16
I felt like that at first, but when i went to go and see it yesterday i wanted to see it again (even though it is on for 3 and 1/2 hours)

That's the only thing that lets this wonderful film down, it's just too LONG!

08-01-06, 20:39
I thought the film times length was just right i mean if somethings were cut alot of it wouldnt fit into place and we would be confused. I think it was excellent and the build up and tension was just right.

ben croft
08-01-06, 22:28
I want to see it. But I'm such a lazy guy.

Real Life Lara
08-01-06, 22:31
Went to see it at the movies a week ago... what I saw of it was really good :p

08-01-06, 22:40
Best Movie of 2005! at least on my list :D

08-01-06, 22:42
I saw him , he's really great :tmb: !

08-01-06, 22:58
i didnt like this film i mean the effects wa reli gud but other then that i didnt see the big fuss about it. i think narnia is alot better than this film and thats saying summit