View Full Version : What was the first time you stood up to an adult?

08-01-06, 20:41
Granted this presumes childhood :p

Mine was in fourth grade, I was doing a report on Henry Ford. I got a C+ on it because I didn't say he invented the automobile. So with me knowing what I read and knowing that was wrong, I proceeded to stand there in the front of class and tell him he was incorrect. Henry Ford invented the Assembly Line and was the first to seriously consider automobiles in mass production. The first ever automobile was steam powered (I told him that too) and invented in Germany during the 18th century.

Let's just say I felt good the rest of that day...still didn't get the A tho :p

Real Life Lara
08-01-06, 20:49
Hmm... Ive never really stood up to an adult as such... well the closest I came was finally telling my Dad Id had enough of his pressurising me with my exams etc (because I was obviously a very good pupil and there was no need to be yelling at me about my coursework like he was) but it didnt go to plan and he kicked me out... o.O :pi: Im back now though lol In the future Im just gonna keep my mouth shut... :whi:

Maureen Errant
08-01-06, 20:52
My first time was when I was about 17. Stood up to my Dad and he actually listened. There were other times in grade school, standing up to teachers, but, they don't count cause nothing came of them. lol

08-01-06, 21:11
Maybe when I was about 2 years old and I didn't want to eat my porridge (or whatever it is called), despite my mom's pressure "Come on sweety, just one more, one more" (she still does that today :p). I apparently got fed up with it and threw the bowl to the ground lol.
But seriously, I can't remember, since I've always told my parents all that I wanted to say, within respect limits of course. I was more outspoken when i was younger (blackmailing involving diapers included :D) . But the one I remember better was also with my parents, but those are some more personal and complicated issues that unfortunately, had a bad habit of repeting themselves.

08-01-06, 21:19
Since I could speak. I use to get punished all the time because I couldn't stop getting into things. When I was 5 years old I tied a stuffed animal to the back of my dads car and when he came home all that was left was its head... :D
edit: Btw I learned to tie shoes really young, like 3.

09-01-06, 14:58
Bugging the heck out of my High School teacher was a ritual for me Lol! ;).

I had a lot of questions and well, since he was the teacher, he had to answer :mis: Oh the laughter! The laughter! I would drive him in a frenzy with questions after questions. The sad thing is, he tried so hard to answer em all (even though everyone in the class knew it was a delibrate act to bug him Lol!)

09-01-06, 16:09
I'm always standing up to adults. Doesn't matter how much older they are, if they're wrong I'll let them know, lol. I always have.

09-01-06, 17:35
I believe I was in second grade.
We've had some homework, and I didn't pay much attention to my handwriting back then. So the teacher thought it was fun to use violence. When he tried to hit me, I held his hand eventually stopping him. Which was humiliating for him.

No-one tried anything similar to me anymore :D