View Full Version : i'm desperate can you guys help me

09-01-06, 00:55
hi i have to write a poem on personification on one of these topics could you guys please help me i would liek that very much

a lively young puppy
a busy shopping mall
a firefly
a mirror
the sky

if you guys can come up with a good poem for that, that represents personification then i would be happy thanx


Maureen Errant
09-01-06, 01:15
sure...............been out of the school loop for a while. What the heck does personification mean.?????

09-01-06, 01:55
Well,I really think it should an english explaining you that,because I know what personification is,but I don't know the corrrect terms to explain it to you,in english .But here it is a pratical example:

" Sometimes,when finally all the lights had gone out,the shopping mall thought perhaps he only lived while people were shopping. Was he the same by night?He doubted he had any value during the night..."

Basically,you atribute human feelings and actions to things and concepts. I hope I was useful :)!

Maureen Errant
09-01-06, 02:00
thanks.............I'll have to think about this. Haven't written poetry in years.

09-01-06, 04:42
I would help.. but I really do bad when it comes to english class homework. I get too lazy to do it, i wait till the last minute, and then i just BS the whole thing. If I'm lucky I'll get a good grade but most of the time the teachers know I BS it and I'll get a C or lower. Best of luck to ya tho! ;)