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09-01-06, 03:11
Now that we have the new forum I have no avatar. Which is just as well since i was not liking the other one anymore. But when i went to add on a new one I couldnt get it to work. Am i doing something wrong ?

09-01-06, 03:19
Did you email it to Elen?

09-01-06, 04:13
SHELL :wve:,

all you have to do is PM or e-mail Elen a pic you have in mind for your avatar and voila! She'll have it on there as soon as she can :D

09-01-06, 04:29
Read this (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/announcement.php?f=13)please.
Elen's email address is:
elen.g [at] tombraiderchronicles.net

09-01-06, 16:31
Thanks guys! I should have known that! :hea: But its been so long. Thanks tons. :D

09-01-06, 16:47
ELEN does a great job here in TRF.

Thanks luv for all you do around here. :hug: :wve: