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09-01-06, 18:51
Symphony of the Night

Nearly a decade and this game still amazes me. It's unbelievable the amount of content they put into it. Pretty backgrounds, eerie soundtrack (including those gothic themes!), a bestiary of vicious enemies, awesome bosses, metroid-style exploration, a rock-solid gameplay, lots of secrets... it's all there, it is the complete gaming package.

You gotta love the dark, and here you have a feast on it. Not exactly on appearance (colorful, cartoon-like graphics aren't exactly creepy like Silent Hill or Doom 3), but on essence. With its demons, witches, crosses and pentagrams, SotN is one of the darkest games ever. The whole concept of the inverted castle seems to have some "profane" symbolism. And those coffin-save points? I bet there isn't anything that cool in any other games.

A hellish masterpiece :D . But enough talking - guess it's replay time!

09-01-06, 19:13
I don't know... I tried a snippit of it and it just wasn't... Castlevania. Yeah, I gotta say the whole atmosphere was very Romantic (Vampire wise,) but it just didn't stand out as a game that would capture the imagination for long.

09-01-06, 19:17
As you said in your thread... different tastes. I would go as far as saying this is one of the best games of all time, and the best PS1 game of all time.

09-01-06, 19:20
Well on a positive side, I always admired the artwork fromt he game :D


09-01-06, 19:30
Yea, I agree... but its shell doesn't come even close to its core. The game itself is simply a work of art :D