View Full Version : Lara on tuner car

09-01-06, 23:08
Today on the streets I saw Lara painted on a Honda car. It was one of the zippy ones with the aerodynamic body kits, lowered suspension and tuned engine. The car was all white, with blue-ish stripes along the sides.

the Lara was from AoD, in the pose where she is crawling under the laser beams (the pose reminded me of a Spiderman pose, all agile and close to the ground). It was a neat look, too bad I couldn't get a picture of it.

09-01-06, 23:10
Whoa, awesome! Did you see that car driving? Or were you at some kind of show? Still pretty cool! :wve:

09-01-06, 23:14
It was just driving down the street.
Couldn't get the camera phone out fast enough. Would have been cool just to say "hi" to that person, you know - Lara fan to Lara fan.

Maureen Errant
09-01-06, 23:18
:jmp: cool

Tomb Raider Master
09-01-06, 23:22
That's cool! :cool: