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10-01-06, 00:27
Something xMiSsCrOfTx said in another post gave me an idea for this thread....

If someone was to throw you into a swimming pool would you Sink or Swim?

I myself would Sink

10-01-06, 00:28
I'd flounder.

10-01-06, 00:28
Swim :) (nice question)

Maureen Errant
10-01-06, 00:32
most definitely...........................float:)

SpongeBob Lover
10-01-06, 00:36

10-01-06, 00:47
I've been thrown into a pool before, many times actually! :D I sunk, then I came back up, so I guess I'd sink then float... If that makes any sense.

10-01-06, 00:53
I've been thrown into a pool before, many times actually! :D I sunk, then I came back up, so I guess I'd sink then float... If that makes any sense.

Ohhh yes! been there, done that:mad: . It is one of the reasons I now have short hair...:D


10-01-06, 01:51
definitly sink, unless some lifeguard would throw himself on the pool to rescue me (yeah baywatch is on right now, nothing better to watch loool).
My adorable brother never took the time to teach me anything but reading and writing -.- I think I'll just annoy him

10-01-06, 02:22
I can swim, but in a most unorthodox fashion. If chucked in the sea I could probably make it about 500 yards back to shore. Any more than that and I would seriously worry.

10-01-06, 02:53
I am by no means a fish, but I can hold my own.

10-01-06, 03:29
I know how to swim. :)

Maureen Errant
10-01-06, 04:31

wouldn't you float first reach saturation then sink?:jmp:

10-01-06, 06:21
I can float, but I have to spread out my body an the water and I can float for ages!
And I can just swim without sinking, my head will always be above the surface.

So Im safe in a plane crash!:D

Maureen Errant
10-01-06, 06:23
Only if you land in water:p

10-01-06, 06:26
I would swim, unless my feet had been set in concrete and my hands had been handcuffed. :mis:

10-01-06, 06:41
I've been thrown into a pool/sea/lake etc. First of course you sink, but I usually swim back up... :D

Lonely Istari
10-01-06, 07:08
I would think anyone would sink first, then those who don't freak out would swim or float back up. I myself would probalby swim. I love water and swimming is one of my favourite things ever. I seriously think I should have been born a mermaid :whi:

good question though :tmb:

10-01-06, 09:10

I love swimming!

10-01-06, 09:18

10-01-06, 10:54
I would sink, then I would float to the top, then I would swim & if I had lots of clothes on (say if it were winter) or I had bulky clothes on I''d probably start to sink again when they got too wet. Oh & after I got out I'd be going on a rampage after the person who threw me in the water in the first place as I hate swimming.

Tomb Raider Master
10-01-06, 11:13
I would definitely swim. :)

10-01-06, 11:29
I would swim, in a manner of speaking. I've taken some basic swimming classes but haven't swum for years now - I think I could still manage it. :o

Cat Girl
10-01-06, 11:58
i will definetly swim. caus i can, so i won't ley myself sink.

10-01-06, 12:34
That's easy... Sink

10-01-06, 12:38
lol i would swim definiely.. love swimming lolXD and scuba divinggg.. ok that was randomXD

hehe and you dont forget siwimming even if you havent practiced for years... i cannot imagine life without sea though.. even not to swim i wouldnt trade its sight to anything.. XD

10-01-06, 12:52
I would swim i love anything to do with water. i wouldn't say i was a fish but when it comes to swimming i've never had a problem i can swim for hours. i love it.

10-01-06, 13:09
Both :p

10-01-06, 13:23
Swim to the ladder, climb out, then throw in the person who first threw me in. Whether they'd be swimming or sinking depends on how cold the water was for me :D

10-01-06, 14:01
Good question :)
I'd problably sink, float and then swim...I'm not much of a swimmer by the way :pi:

10-01-06, 14:12
If someone was to throw you into a swimming pool would you Sink or Swim?
First Swim and then run. :D

Being 6'3" there is not many people who'd actually dare to throw me anywhere. If one did, he'd better run for his life. ;)

10-01-06, 15:49
I'm 6ft. So 3" doesn't scare me. :ton: *Pushes GoranAgar into the swimming pool and laughs maniacally*

Real Life Lara
10-01-06, 15:53
Swim :D

10-01-06, 15:58
def. swim

10-01-06, 16:20
Lol, I'd swim, but once my brother pushed me in when I'd just dried myself when I was on holiday in Spain, so I was really annoyed any let myslef sunk until I floated face down. I held my breath for like 40 seconds LOL, it was halerious, he hasn't pushed me in since. :D

ben croft
10-01-06, 19:35
I don't know how to swim.