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tlr online
10-01-06, 09:20
Morning folks.

Is everyone surfing the forum and magazine nice and fast? I'm having some problems here but it could be NTL and nothing to do with our network.


10-01-06, 09:22
Ok for me!

10-01-06, 09:23
It's ok for me, just had a quick backup sign a short while ago. :wve:

10-01-06, 09:24
Working fine here :wve:

A bit slow, but that's just because of my anti-virus program is doing a scan :p

10-01-06, 09:34
Working as fast as I can click.
So no problems with your server. :D

10-01-06, 09:36
No prob's here

10-01-06, 09:36
Not a slightest glitch.

tlr online
10-01-06, 09:40
Just ran a tracert and it appears to be NTL. Thanks anyway folks :wve:

10-01-06, 10:24
Didn't notice and it's still ok now. I was next door getting my eardrums destroyed by Acca Dacca.

tlr online
10-01-06, 10:26
Evening Kate. How was your day? :wve:

10-01-06, 10:46
Not bad Justin except for the heat. Damn weather bureau can never get it right. Just found another cousin in Brisbane Queensland who has just started her tree, boy am I going to save her some work. When are we going to see the piccie. You have me so curious. You can always PM it to me, I won't tell. I found a photo on google for someone with your full name, he's a model, is that you. :whi: :D

tlr online
10-01-06, 10:52
Could you PM me the pic you've found before posting here, thanks :wve:

10-01-06, 13:22

Jacob x5
10-01-06, 18:06
This is TOO fast! :jmp:

ben croft
10-01-06, 20:11
Everything is ok for me. :tmb:

10-01-06, 20:13
Running smoothly here, as usual. :wve:

Tomb Raider Master
10-01-06, 21:21
Everything OK here. :wve:

Cat Girl
11-01-06, 08:56
i'm having a lot of fun here. everything's ok.