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Lara Croft Fan Joe
10-01-06, 20:45
Ever had a moment when you wanted to just sink into the ground and die? heres mine - my brother swapped my shampoo for a bottle of hair dye, i had to go to school the next day with BLONDE hair!, everyone was like 'joe.... y hav u dyed ur hair blonde'??? , i kicked my brovers butt, obviously

10-01-06, 21:00

Well, ONE of mine that I can actually post on here was a few years ago, in school, I had to turn in a form that was a carbon copy, you know, the kind where you write on the first page and it shows up on the second... Anyways, I hadn't realized I had that carbon copy underneath my other sheet of paper I was writing on, and I wrote something innapropriate and it showed up on the form! :o

Maureen Errant
10-01-06, 21:04
This is going back a few years to when you could still smoke in a public place. I was walking through a store with a bunch of friends, not watching where I was going and I kicked over one of those tall ashtrays................butts and ashes everywhere. The rest of my buddies just kept on walking and left me to clean up alone.;)

10-01-06, 22:00
I have far too many embaressing moment's.

A recent one was whilst i was working at Burton's, i had been serving customers non stop for about half an hour, and each one kept paying me with exact money or by credit/store card, so i hadnt actually given any change to anyone yet because it wasn't needed.

So because i had gotten used to people paying me with exact money or by card, this one woman came up and bought a T-Shirt that was £22.00, so she gave me £30.00, i took her money, put it in the till, and just shut it, without giving her any change. I soon realized afterward's and was extremley embaressed because the only way to open the till is by doing a transaction, so i had to ask her to wait whilst i served another customer to get the till open and get her change!

It may not sound that embaressing, but it was to me!

10-01-06, 22:11
This isn't as much embarassing as just plain ignorant, but here goes...

I dyed my hair flame-red for the summer, and of course sun & sea bleached it blonde very soon. I looked like a freak, especially since I had gotten a slight tan - but I didn't really mind it until school was about to start. Don't know what it was that made me think I couldn't go to school looking like that, I've never been the one to care much about what I look like. But anyway, stupidity struck and so, mere one hour before school, I discovered that brown dye on bleached hair produces a god-awful swamp green. And if I suspected people would laugh at blonde me, well they surely did laugh even more at the green-headed one! Ewwwwww.

10-01-06, 22:29
My biggest stupid moment, for which I am still given stick today, involved shouting 'DAD? WHO WAS THAT UGLY GUY?' at the top of my lungs, when the wretched subject of our conversation was still present in the house. In my defence, I thought he'd left. Poor soul, he'd have to have been stone deaf not to hear me. :o

10-01-06, 23:40
When I was about 1 year or 2, my mother took me shopping and I said hello to everyone that passed by. And when I mean everyone I mean EVERYONE. :X Even the construction workers that usually shout out to girls XD I yelled hello to them :X One of the most embarassing I can't quite say it here since it has unmentionable parts lol

10-01-06, 23:43
Slipping and falling in front of people would probably be it. :p

10-01-06, 23:50
Slipping and falling in front of people would probably be it. :p

Aww, that's it? :p I do that almost every day... I fell up the stairs the other day in school. That was funny, it's hilarious how uncoordinated I am sometimes. :o

10-01-06, 23:53
When I slip I end up doing 3 back flips and a somersault. Now THAT is embarassing! :hea: :cln:

10-01-06, 23:56
LOL really? Were you in Cirque Du Soleil? :p

10-01-06, 23:57
Talk about uncoordination...I was running down the stairs at school once (was late), tripped over my own foot and my nose hit the stone floor full force. Crack! It was never quite the same again :p
(but there wasn't anyone to see that...and with all the blood, thank god there wasn't!)

11-01-06, 00:00
Ouch! Who cares if anyone saw! I bet you were in a LOT of pain! :( :eek:

11-01-06, 01:15
This one is really embarrising lol. About a Year ago during the summer it was blazing hot me and my friend had been sitting inside all day doing nothing then we decided to go streaking (we were pretty stupid lol), so we did. Then as we were getting back to my house we saw three of our friends and they had a video camera! lol they didnt show anyone but it was still embarrising!

Then one time me and my Best friend kiley went to see a movie and we brought so much gum with us the kind you can blow big bubbles with. So the movie got really boring we were gonna save the gum but we ended up eating it all and blowing the biggest bubbles I have ever seen my life. Anyways on the biggest bubble I blew my friend popped it cover my face and alot of my hair, when the movie was over I still hadnt gotten it off cause it was really close to the end of the movie when she popped it. so When we walked out everyone was staring at me with gum all in my hair and on my face it was really embarrising but very funny.

SpongeBob Lover
11-01-06, 02:38
i wouldnt say it..............................

11-01-06, 05:45
LOL!! THORN im just imagining that happening 3flips and somersault!!!!!!!!:vlol:

11-01-06, 06:10
I don’t get embarrassed that easy but I remember a few years ago I was in a meeting at work, there probably was around 15 people, including management. I can’t remember was the subject of conversation but I got up to say my spiel and it went like this “ blah, blah, blah and we gave him a bum smear” of course this should have been steer.:o
I was so embarrassed everyone was laughing and all I wanted was for a huge hole to open up and disappear.:(