View Full Version : What's your least favourite month?

10-01-06, 21:21
I was just wandering along to college today, wrapped up against the rain and wind, and realised that January is the one month I utterly hate. It's always grey, cold, rainy, windy and gets dark early, a new school term's just started, and the end's nowhere in sight. I'm in Scotland.

What's yours?

10-01-06, 21:31
January, for all the reasons you said. Absolutely hate it.

Maureen Errant
10-01-06, 21:31
leasr fav month is march. It's really cold and wet, not freezing just yucky.

10-01-06, 21:33
August. It's h0t, sch00l starts, I m0ved fr0m Calif0rnia in August. Everything g0es wrng in August.

PS: my key between i and p isnt w0rking and will be substituted with 0 until I can get a new keyb0ard. S0rry f0r the ann0yance.

10-01-06, 21:35
Definitely August. For many reasons. :(

LOL @ Angel, I notice you keep posting that PS message. :p

10-01-06, 21:41
second in line: November

10-01-06, 21:44
I would have to go along with Janurary aswell. Not just because of the cold weather, but also because i now an jobless, and have no idea what i'm going to do.
I need something to keep my occupied until September this year, when i head back to college.

10-01-06, 21:50
qu0te: LOL @ Angel, I notice you keep posting that PS message.

Well, s0me0ne might n0t see it and get mad and tell me t0 st0p p0sting in leet and I'll have t0 explain myself. And it's just easier t d that. I am cpying and pasting frm wrd s0 I dn't have t write it 0ver and 0ver. It's n0t c0nsidered spam is it? :pi:

11-01-06, 07:35
It will be no surprise to a few here that December is my most hated month, for obvious reasons.

Cat Girl
11-01-06, 08:30
i think my least favorite month is September.i hate the name. and this month. :vlol:

Lonely Istari
11-01-06, 08:52
January. I hate it. yuck.

11-01-06, 10:06

Too damn hot

11-01-06, 12:15

Too damn hot
In Leeds? Are you sure? :p

11-01-06, 12:19
February. It's cold, gray and so unbelievably boring, plus I have exams all through it.

11-01-06, 12:22
No preference. All months are nice and annoying in their own way.

11-01-06, 13:03
In Leeds? Are you sure? :p

Yup, even in Leeds. I'm not good with heat. :(

11-01-06, 13:08
Overall, my least favourite months would be the ones that aren't dark, cold or rainy.
But in general, I like most of the months.

11-01-06, 13:40
No preference. All months are nice and annoying in their own way.
yeah i would say the same

Jacob x5
11-01-06, 17:01
Apart from New Year's Day, January's pretty rubbish. February isn't much better, either.

My favourite month is Octember. :D

11-01-06, 17:23
Mine is January

Its a misserable weather and its a boring month , not many new releases of things (music , dvd's , CD's ...)