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11-01-06, 23:43
Any mod feel free to delete this but since everyone here is so helpful I just wanted to ask a question. In which jaw do the wisdow tooth "grow"? The upper or lower? I've already been to the dentist, did x-ray and everything but in the x-ray they seemed to be on the lower (or we were all looking at it upside down) but now I've been having some pain on my gums, in a very specific spot (I had pains before but they would run through all of the jaw, causing me a splitting headache) in my upper jaw. So I wanted to know if this could be the little guys wanting to get a peek out or if it could be something serious. So, upper or lower? :p thanks

11-01-06, 23:43
Lower, afaik :wve:

11-01-06, 23:50
Wisdom teeth occur in both upper and lower jaws. As a teenager I had to have out 4 teeth. The 4 that occur in front of the wisdom teeth. They could not take out the wisdom teeth at that stage as they were not far enough out to get hold of to pull. I have a relatively small mouth and the wisdom teeth were pushing all my teeth out of alignment so the 4 teeth were removed to make room for them. Wisdom teeth take a long time to come through, much longer than normal teeth when we are going from our baby teeth to our adult teeth.

The ones in the top jaw are commonly called eye teeth over here as you quite often get headaches behind the eyes when they are trying to come through. They are useless teeth because of their positioning in the jaws and are just a plain nuisance.

11-01-06, 23:55
thank you so much Tramp, that's exactly what I've been getting so far, headaches that get on my forehead and eyes. I wear glasses but I "know" when I get headaches due to my eyes and these definitly didn't fell in that category. Thanks :)

11-01-06, 23:57
Okay, so both. I don't really know, since I haven't had any [yet?]. My friend's have, but I didn't exactly ask for details :D

12-01-06, 03:14
Arh,Paperdoll,I know what that is: my upper ones were the quite type,discrete,I didn't even noticed them grow,but the lower ones...so far,I've taken 7 times antibiothic, due to the infections they cause!My lips burn,I'm unable to open my mouth...dreadful!

Maureen Errant
12-01-06, 05:58
O.m.G. Have I been lucky.................didn't feel them coming in at all.:)

Jacob x5
12-01-06, 06:06
Some people have wisdom very early on, others much later. Some people never get them at all. That's me done. :wve:

12-01-06, 07:16
My wisdom teeth (upper) are almost fully grown lol, I didn't suffer very much at all but they did cause quite a bit of ear-ache. The lower ones have yet to make an appearance.

12-01-06, 07:19
My wisdom teeth never interfered with my other teeth...granted I do not by any means have a Hollywood smile.

12-01-06, 08:25
I never had any trouble with my wisdom teeth either. And mine didn't appear until I was 18.

Maureen Errant
12-01-06, 08:58
My wisdom teeth never interfered with my other teeth...granted I do not by any means have a Hollywood smile.

Draco........................you have a lovely smile:)

12-01-06, 11:22
My wisdom teeth have been coming through in my upper jaw for about four years now. They hurt like hell for a few days, then calm down, weeks/months go by no problem then the same cycle occurs. I had a really delightful infection in my gums a few months ago courtesy of them :mad:.

The problem I'm having (as I'm sure many others will relate to) is that the wisdom teeth are not emerging in a nice straight direction - instead they are coming in at an angle and 'impacting' with my molars. :cen:ing painful!

They make for fascinating X-ray pictures (as I was able to see at my last appointment), but other than that I can't wait to be rid of them! :hea:

12-01-06, 11:30
That was the problem I was going to have Greenkey and that is why the dentist removed the teeth in front of them to stop that occurring.

Mine also took years to come through and I had the same problem with the pain.