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12-01-06, 01:47

Just been watching this classic film on T.V - Definitely the best thing I've watched this week. It's a shame so many classic old films get forgotten about.

The plot is about a group of German soldiers (led by the brilliant Caine) who sneakily infiltrate an English village during the second world war. They do so posing as English soldiers, the idea being to hopefully assassinate the primeminster first chance they get.

Well worth seeing.

12-01-06, 03:10

Well,I won't commet that film,because I haven't watched it,but I agree with you concerning older films:some are simply marvellous,without that artificial thing called special effects.They're from a time where films were made by actors,where films had a intelligent thing to transmi!One of my favourites is Cat People,a serie B film,featuring a story on a woman , shy,conservative,with many doubts about her sexuality,who transforms herself in a panther,by night.We rarely see the panther,there's no colour,just shadows and the superb interpretation from the actress !

12-01-06, 04:03
I am alsoabig fan of old movies. They had a certain quality tothem that you dont see much of today. In fact tonight I was considering watching "Road to Bali" .I remember as a young child sitting watching old movies with my grandmother. I loved the way the actress were so glamorus and feminine. The hair and makeup was so beautiful. Funny thing I still havent seen someof themore popular oldmovies like Casablanca! I did buy Lawrence of Arabia though a few months back. Still havent watchedit yet though.

Maureen Errant
12-01-06, 05:43
I enjoy both new and old movies....the new ones for the fast pace, such as 'Island'.
The old ones for mood and atmosphere, the use of light and shadow, music use back then was different that now. Even when ther're goofy , there good, like 'The day the world stood still'. Really cheesy but scared the heck out of me when I was 8

12-01-06, 13:42
I agree Scottlee.

Well worth seeing.

Mona Sax
12-01-06, 14:25
I prefer old movies to new ones because I like their storytelling and pace much better. Most of the new stuff is too hectic for my taste.

BTW Casablanca is brilliant.

12-01-06, 21:02
Scottlee, The Eagle Has Landed is one of my favourites!:tmb: I am not sure from your post if it was the first time you had seen it. Anyway, I have seen it so many times and I am jealous of people who haven't - so there! I want to tell about all my favourite moments, but I must restrain myself so that I do not spoil it for those who haven't seen it!:jmp:

If you enjoyed it, you will like the original Day of the Jackal if you haven't seen it, my favourite film ever.:cool: :cool: :cool:

BTW Casablanca is brilliant. Mona is right!:hug:


12-01-06, 21:05
BTW Casablanca is brilliant.
I like that move, and i love Gone with the Wind... such a classic