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Jacob x5
12-01-06, 19:06
I know it isn't like me to post this sort of thing ;) but...

At least 345 Muslim pilgrims have died in a crush during the stone-throwing ritual at the Hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, officials say.

Hundreds of pilgrims have also been injured. A BBC correspondent at the scene in Mina saw dozens of bodies lined up on the ground.
The ritual has seen many lethal stampedes but the number of dead this time is the highest in 16 years.
After a crush in 2004, barriers and stewards were added to improve safety.

Bridge surge

The stampede took place at the foot of the bridge of Jamarat, where pilgrims hurl stones at three pillars representing the spot where the devil is said to have appeared to Abraham.

Full Article (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/4606002.stm)


This happens every year and they never think to do anything useful about it. Ridiculous. It says that they made attemps in 2004 but it obviously hasn't helped since this is the most killed in 16 years. :rolleyes:

12-01-06, 19:29
It happens every year I am afraid... The path to mina is so congested. During the ritual stoning of the satan, people are in so much in a rush that they trample each other.

I swaer, when will teh government wake up and widen the strach path?

Maureen Errant
12-01-06, 19:55

tlr online
12-01-06, 20:00
I heard about this on the radio. Quite tragic :(

12-01-06, 20:03
Ouch. Poor people.

12-01-06, 20:11
Yes, I heard it on the radio too. Very sad... :(