View Full Version : Attention advanced website coders! (I need your help :()

13-01-06, 00:49
Someone on my website's staff is coding our new forums but he's ran into a brick wall and needs your help. I quote him from my staff forums:

"There's this new method that websites use where they have an image in the background that is basically a whole and it fits resolutions with javascript (I'm pretty sure it's java). However, since the sites I've seen them on use them primarily for advertisement, I don't know where the coding is because it's being fed some way that I don't recognize. I believe this was the method Omar mentioned to me about using a static background that fit to resolutions, but I can't figure out how it's done.

Overall we can in fact use Omar's background, but I need help finding the code/script for that type of background use."

Anyone aware of what he's talking about?

13-01-06, 00:59
Hi Derek :wve:

In future, all technical queries should be posted in the 'technical forum' :)

13-01-06, 01:47
Oh I didnt post this there cause I thought that forum was only for TR issues =\.