View Full Version : how reliable are the sold-out versions of games?

13-01-06, 13:36
i've got the sold out versions of TR2 and TR3, but they don't work very well:hea:

13-01-06, 13:50
maybe because you're using windows xp? I've got some sold out versions of many games and they all work fine

13-01-06, 14:00
I have them too (on Windows XP) and they work just fine. Just a guess, you might try to enable Win95 compatibility and see if the games work better (right-click game icon->Properties->Compatibility tag-> check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" and choose Win95).

13-01-06, 15:04
All my Tomb Raider pc games are sold out versions, and they all work fine.

13-01-06, 18:20
Some SoldOut versions of TR1 and TR2 are missing soundfiles. I have SoldOut TR1 in my collection that is perfect. I gave someone a SoldOut TR2 that is perfect (i played it on her pc).
To play these games on XP, apply the same technical rules as the original versions.
TR1 needs VMSound, the Advanced Installer and runs best with DgVoodoo.
TR2 needs Win98/ME compatibility mode.
TR3 needs no patch, no compatibility mode.
TR4 needs our XP-patch
TR5 needs our XP-patch

13-01-06, 18:22
Problems with TR games, post your particular problem in Technical Support forum (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=15)and we will look into it to help. :)