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Bloody Kimono
13-01-06, 19:18
Hi everyone!

I have a question about something for you... We are living in Turkey and my friend is interesting in a group called "Lux Veritatis". My question is, "s" letter at the end of the name of this group is "singular" or "plural"?

Thank you :)

Tomb Raider Master
13-01-06, 19:23
Welcome to the Forum, Bloody Kimono (cool name :p )! :wve: Enjoy your stay here! :)

Umm... I believe that 'Lux Veritatis' is singular, since it means 'The Light of Truth'. :)

13-01-06, 19:29
It is Latin, not English. So the question of plural or singular with an 's' ending doesn't apply. Lux Veritatis, as far as I can make out means Light of Truth.

[EDIT] You already said that TRM. :)

Tomb Raider Master
13-01-06, 22:14
I'm glad I can apply my Latin knowledge at least somewhere. :p :wve:

Bloody Kimono
14-01-06, 00:37
Thank you all for the help!

We did find an answer our little problem ;)

NOTE : Thanks for nice welcome Tomb Raider Master :D