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13-01-06, 20:15
Im not sure if anyone has already posted or seen this but its the intro to the Kindgom Hearts II Game and let me just tell you this


Its the best CG movie intro to a game i have ever seen, lets just put it that way.

You can find the video for download here
Kingdom Hearts II Movie Page (http://www.gamersreports.com/media/151/videos/)

its the First Video on the List (the one with an upclose shot of Sora's Face)
Trust me the Download is worth it!

13-01-06, 20:17
Alright, I'll take a look :wve:

14-01-06, 18:47
you should also see the deep dive video if you want to see a superb kh fmv like this one... <3

14-01-06, 18:50
Is it the intro video?? Because if it is....I've already seen it.

14-01-06, 19:01
Wasn't all that spectacular, imo...

14-01-06, 19:02
Oops, I just read you said it was the intro video.. lol
Anyway, I liked it a lot...but they aren't as spectacular as FFX imo.
I can't wait for KH2! :jmp:

14-01-06, 19:05
this is the intro video yes, but i have seen many videos called intros so i am not so sure anymore.. and i aggree with you matt that ff x videos are so beautiful!
anyways here is deep dive video for you this is my fav in the whole kh series:

Melonie Tomb Raider
14-01-06, 19:13
I'm waiting until I buy the game (opening day of course :p). My brothers and I are HUGE kh fans, so we've been waiting patiently to see the intro when the game is released. Thanks for posting though. ;)