View Full Version : CAR DOOR OPENED!!!

14-01-06, 18:17

I've just been in my car and we wnet around a round about and i as listening to music then my door popped right open!!!!
This was scary, but not the worst ive ever had lol...... dman you excalibur 2......

what things have scared you ?

has this ever happened to you ?
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EX2 ^^^^

14-01-06, 18:20
OMG!! That must've been scary! Are you okay?!

Jacob x5
14-01-06, 18:20
Scary! :yik:

14-01-06, 18:38
yeah im fine thankyou :p

14-01-06, 19:04
=0 i hope your ok! nothing has happened to me like that....thankfully!

14-01-06, 19:57
God that would scare the life out of me!

I dont have that many scary moments, i nearly get hit by cars all the time though? Lol!

14-01-06, 20:34
i nearly get hit by cars all the time thoughugh same here.... so many crazy ppl.

14-01-06, 20:38
ugh same here.... so many crazy ppl.

And the fact i hardly ever pay attention crossing roads, my friends say i have a death wish! :D

14-01-06, 22:40
Locked in a car boot on a jouney from Newcastle to Liverpool.
Beat that!:ton:
Oh, and having a metal barb punturing the skin in ur finger, Ii was in the outer house looking for the hammer, when a sharp metal barb had punctured my skin on my finger, it was hooked inside so I couldn't take it out. The barb was off a plastic bunch of flowers where a metal barb was sticking out the stem. I had to move 2 boxes with my right hand to pull out the flowers.
I did panic, I tried screaming but the door was closed. So I started crying and I got scared. But I got free...:)

I walked in the house covered with blood and a bunch of flowers "growing" out of my finger.:p