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The Skribbler
14-01-06, 20:55
For us with a PhD in being dumb, where are the smilies now? :)

14-01-06, 20:57
Heres a list of them :)


The Skribbler
14-01-06, 21:01
Thanks! :)

Jacob x5
14-01-06, 21:06
Congratulations "The Skribbler", on posteding the 50,000th thread of General Chat! :jmp: :tmb: :wve:

The Skribbler
14-01-06, 23:22
You're kidding? lmao

Tomb Raider Master
14-01-06, 23:27
Hi George! :wve: Congratulations on your 50,000th thread! :tmb:

The Skribbler
14-01-06, 23:29
I guess he wasn't kidding :vlol:

Tomb Raider Master
14-01-06, 23:34
LOL! :p Nope, I guess he wasn't. ;)

14-01-06, 23:36
Wow, that's a lot of chit chat. Congrats, The Skribbler! :wve: