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tlr online
14-01-06, 22:01
Two-time Oscar winner Shelley Winters has died of heart failure at the age of 85, her publicist Dale Olson has said. She died at a Beverly Hills nursing home early on Saturday, having suffered a heart attack in October.

Winters, who won Oscars for The Diary of Anne Frank and A Patch of Blue, was best known for her role in 1972 disaster movie The Poseidon Adventure. She was equally famous for her romances with some of Hollywood's leading men including Errol Flynn and Clark Gable.



Maureen Errant
14-01-06, 22:21
What a shame....................time to dig out the old movies and pay her tribute.

14-01-06, 22:26
awwww.....she was so good in Poseidon Adventure.:(
BTW I heard they were remaking the movie and it will be out late this year!:jmp:

Maureen Errant
15-01-06, 06:25
I'd like to watch the re-make of that. I think most of the people on this forum are too young to know who she is..........what do you think?:)

tlr online
15-01-06, 06:30
That recently won a vote for most popular movie. Quite a classic now :wve:

Maureen Errant
15-01-06, 06:32
I'll have to watch it again..................it's been YEARS since I've seen it.:wve:

tlr online
15-01-06, 06:34
Do you remember her as Roxanne's mother in Roxanne?

Maureen Errant
15-01-06, 06:37
No. Was that something that would have been shown in Canada I wonder?

15-01-06, 06:41
I'm going to let my Super Roseanne Fanboy side show a bit. For one, it's RoSeanne not RoXanne. And it was Rosanne's mother's mother i.e Roseanne grandma. Anyway, I heard this morning. I just now realised she played Beverly's mother on Roseanne, though. Sad... :I

tlr online
15-01-06, 06:43
I'm sure. The series was American. Here is a link:


tlr online
15-01-06, 06:43
Thanks Joker. I couldn't find Roxanne on IMDb and then I realised my mistake :wve:

Darlene was my favourite in that show! She was hilarious!

Maureen Errant
15-01-06, 06:44
Joker are you talking about Roseanne Arnold?