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15-01-06, 00:03
Who are your favourite ficticious villains (from movies, books, games, anything), and why? Is it because they've got a great character, or they're sexy, or just simply badass?

15-01-06, 00:07
Hi Geck. It has to be


from the Sherlock Holmes stories - "the Napoleon of Crime"


15-01-06, 00:14
Morning Gecko :wve:

I'm going to go with Maleficent :D
She's got an absolutely great-badass character :D

15-01-06, 00:17
I agree with Hurrah4lara. Moriarity was one of the greatest fictional villains.

For the Real Life Villians probably Jack the Ripper.

15-01-06, 00:36
Belhifet from Icewind Dale. You can't quite say he's good-looking in the classical sense (he's red and has a tail), but he's totally my kind of villain - he has both intelligence and motivation while being as evil as only a demon can be. Let's not forget the best evil voice ever :tmb:

And as an end boss, he kicks major ass :D

EDIT: Here's one of Bel's animations in the game (the game is from the late '90's so it's not much graphically...but he sure was impressive to see back then :D). Neat swords :D
http://img462.imageshack.us/img462/8595/belhifet5jf.gif (http://imageshack.us)

15-01-06, 00:53
Here's mine:
Nina Myers from 24 - so sexy, so powerful, so incredibly smart she makes the rest of the characters look like idiots. No loyalties to anyone, and no regrets over her actions. I just hate being expected to hate her.

O'Brien from 1984 - impossible to work out when he's being truthful and when he's being manipulative, very strong character even though his part's quite small. A father figure you should never trust. The friendly voice ressuring you while he crushes you.

Snape from Harry Potter - don't lynch me; I'm not a HP fangirl. He's really creepy, but at the same time incredibly awsome. Where you could say he's shallow I'd say he's mysterious. No idea when he's doing things for his own ends or for someone else, so he brings intrigue into the boring bits of the storylines.

The Infernomancer from Dominic Deegan (http://www.dominic-deegan.com) - sold his soul and his eyes to a demon of Hell in return for immortality. Pure violent badass, absolutely no conscience to turn him angsty, and all the time in the world to kill off as many innocent mortals as he can, like a kid stamping on ants.

I love movie/book/comic plots for their villains. If there's a good villain I'm happy; if there's a whole cast of great villains then I'm in ecstasy. Screw protagonists, bring on the dark side. :D

15-01-06, 01:29
The First - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Ultimate Evil ( created evil )

Glory - Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Godess ( Verrrry Strong )

Melonie Tomb Raider
15-01-06, 01:53
Morning Gecko :wve:

I'm going to go with Maleficent :D
She's got an absolutely great-badass character :D

I thought about Maleficent when i read the title of the thread too. She's awesome.

Also, I think Vergil from DMC3 was really cool. In fact, I thought he was more cool than Dante. :p

15-01-06, 01:58
Saruman the White from the Lord of the Rings

Skeletor from he-man

Professor Snape from Harry Potter

Shredder from Turtles

Maureen Errant
15-01-06, 05:43
006 ( Janus) from James Bonds Golden Eye............always plays a villian..........that is so sexy somehow.:D :D :D

15-01-06, 06:16
the wicked witch of the west :jmp:

the witch form disney's snow white :p

Grenouille from the book "Perfume"

Seth from TR4 :D

15-01-06, 06:25
Dr. Claw from the Inspector Gadget cartoon.

tlr online
15-01-06, 06:27
Sauraman, from Lord Of The Rings or Man With The Golden Gun (Scaramanger?). Marco Bartolli fav. Tomb Raider villian.

Lonely Istari
15-01-06, 06:44
I LOVE this topic!! :jmp: :jmp:

Both Malfoys (Draco and Lucious) from the Harry Potter books and films
Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty
Col. William Tavington of the Patriot
And Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) of Star Wars

I love Jason Isaacs as a villain. He realllly plays those sinister guys in such an excellent way!

And poor Anakin. He was so devilishly sexy. *drools*

Maureen Errant
15-01-06, 06:47
For me it's Lucious....should be called Luscious.....lol all that long hair..... OMG I need a bib:jmp: But seriously back on topic, the Martian from the bugs Bunny cartoons.:)

Smith will Suffice
15-01-06, 07:14



The Emperor from Star Wars!!!!

hes the greatest.




ME!!!! :p



Lonely Istari
15-01-06, 07:20
@ Smith ^ HECK YES!!

Maureen Errant
15-01-06, 07:28
where is that pic from Smith?

15-01-06, 07:40
i like marco bartoli, though he dosent speak much.

i cant think of anything else lol.

oh, natla. shes allways got a bad smile, and acts like shes a. mutant (god what a witch)

15-01-06, 08:04
riku from kh1... if you can count him as a villain^^
and shuyin from ff x-2 cuz he is so cute:P

15-01-06, 08:27
Ace Merrill :p

Oh yeah, Seify of course http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c152/Kamrusepas/love.gif

Mona Sax
15-01-06, 10:38
Hands down: Ernst Stavro Blofeld is the greatest.


Auric Goldfinger rocks, too.

15-01-06, 10:44
Dr. Evil

15-01-06, 11:45
Palpatine, Natla, Agent Smith, Jenova (as opposed to Sephiroth)...

15-01-06, 11:59

http://img462.imageshack.us/img462/6772/evilgeniusdrevil1zz.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

Couldn't resist :D

15-01-06, 12:05
General Woundwort from Watership Down. One murderous bunny.

Gollum from The Lord of the Rings. Arguably the greatest sympathetic villain ever created.

Professor Snape from the Harry Potter books. Not a fangirl, but he's kind of cool and is one of my fave HP characters. I mean, he's a traitor, he's a liar, he makes Harry's life hell - what's not to like about this character?

Artemis Fowl, since he's a villainous anti-hero of sorts... :vlol:

15-01-06, 12:55
Not sure of the spelling but mine would be the nazi in Schindler's List played by Ralph Fiennes, I think his name was Amon Goeth or something. Why? He was obviously so mentally unstable, the scariest thing about him was you just couldn't fathom what the heck he would do next.

15-01-06, 13:21
- Lucius Malfoy ( the character from the book,not the film's one),because he would match perfectly with my HP computer and my B & O stereo. More motives: he's blond,he's blond,he has a pale skin and I just drool over a willowy beauty,even more when it's together with such an elegant evilness ( que t***o de homem...aha!)

- Boaz,because she defeated Kurtis

- The Snow Queen, from Anderson's tale," The Snow Queen"

- Galaxia, from Sailor Moon

- Regina, from a brasilian soap-opera called "Suave Veneno" ( soft poison,in an awful translation)

-Madame De Meurteil, from the book "Les liaisons dangereuses",by Choderlos de Laclos

Lara's Backpack*
15-01-06, 13:26
The T1000 from Terminator 2. :D
ALMOST unstopable, very persistent and strangely sexy..... :whi:

15-01-06, 13:43
Off the top of my head:

Hannibal Lecter
Patrick Bateman (American Psycho)
Helen Mirren as Morgana in Excalibur
Tim Curry as the Lord of Darkness in Legend
And as Frank N. Furter in Rocky Horror
Jaye Davidson as Ra in Stargate
Gary Oldman in The Fifth Element
Hugo Weaving in the Matrix films
Ricardo Montalban as Khan in Star Trek 2 - The Wrath of Khan
Christopher Plummer as General Chang in Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country
Malcolm McDowall as Soran in Star Trek: Generations
Alice Krige as the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact

Maureen Errant
15-01-06, 21:20
WOW Neteru:wve: That's quite a list.

15-01-06, 21:26
I just can't take Hugo Weaving seriously any more after his Agent Smith role; in the Lord of the Rings I would be whispering like "Mr Anderson" after every line his character played. :p

15-01-06, 21:37
LOL Geck! :vlol:

Marc Remillard from Julian May's Saga Of The Exiles and Galactic Milleu Trilogy - he's super intelligent, seriously sexy and handsome and totally, utterly evil. Known as 'The Angel of The Abyss' he murdered a planet's population just as a gesture of his political group's 'conviction', he tried to create a race of 'Jackformed' paramount metapsychics out of his own children's DNA and killed several members of his own family when they stood in his way. The list goes on and on......... Oh, and he's also one of the most powerful metapsychics in the whole galaxy who likes to hook himself up to cybernetic enhancers to become even more powerful.

He likes mushroom omelettes and forgets to put the lid down on the lavatory.

15-01-06, 21:52
Great topic:

Hannibal Lector:
He is refined, well educated, richly detailed background, and he eats people.
Proffesor Severus Snape:
I am a fangirl. I admit it. I will not go to counseling. I don't believe he's a traitor or an aristocrat. He makes The Brat that won't die's lif hell. He's awesome.
The Devil's Rejects:
I know, I'm sick. :p
Yzma from the Emperor's New Groove:
She was hilarious yet evil.
David Allen Griffin from The Watcher:
He's a serial killer played by the delicious Keanu Reeves who can know ALMOST act his way out of a paper bag.

I'll think of some more later.

Maureen Errant
15-01-06, 21:53
forgets to put the lid down on the lavatory.[/QUOTE]

Now THAT is just tooooooo evil to even think about.:jmp:

15-01-06, 22:10
... in the Lord of the Rings I would be whispering like "Mr Anderson" after every line his character played. :p

You too? :D

15-01-06, 22:11
"Our time here is ending. Arwen’s time is ending. Let her go. Let her take the ship into the west. Let her bear away her love for you to the Undying Lands. There it will be evergreen, Mister Anderson."

Lonely Istari
16-01-06, 08:27
:vlol: @ Geck!

Aragorn: "She stays because she still has hope."
Elrond: "She stays for you! She belongs with her people, Mr. Anderson!"

16-01-06, 08:34
In that case, "Mr. Aragorn" would've been acceptable. :p

16-01-06, 13:51
Darth Vader
Karel - does he count?
voldemort - i feel sorry for him for some reason:D

16-01-06, 13:59
I do now know what you guys are complaining about. Hugo was great.

Another of my favorites:

http://www.alainea.co.uk/farscape/scorpius_s3.jpg http://www.imagecreative.net/images/1.jpg

16-01-06, 14:08
OMG! How could I possibly forget Scorpius. A stunning villain. (I was only thinking about films :rolleyes: )

16-01-06, 14:11
Definitely Hannibal Lecter or Snape! :D

16-01-06, 14:19
Now that I think about it, I have to include just about any character played by Jeffrey Combs in the Star Trek spinoffs. Most particularly the ever slimey Weyoun.


16-01-06, 14:25
Now that I think about it, I have to include just about any character played by Jeffrey Combs in the Star Trek spinoffs. Most particularly the ever slimey Weyoun.

Weyoun indeed. My favorite was #6. :D

16-01-06, 14:36
Weyoun indeed. My favorite was #6. :D


16-01-06, 14:42
Khan in Star Trek 2 - The Wrath of Khan
General Chang in Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered Country
Soran in Star Trek: Generations
the Borg Queen in Star Trek: First Contact
Weyoun: Star Trek DS9 (the slimiest villian ever, second only to female changeling :D )
Sela: Star Trek TNG
Ra's al Ghul/Henry Buchard: Batman Begins
Anubis (StarGate SG-1)
Jacqueline Natla: Tomb Raider I
and so on... :)

16-01-06, 15:54
John "Jigsaw" and Amanda from the *Saw* movies.
Freddy Krueger
The 2 Girls from Hostel :D Too bad they died. lmao.