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15-01-06, 04:11
Im not sure what happend untill i seen someone say " speaking of tatu what ever happend to raider lenochka? " then looked and in suprise realized my name changed! it use to be Lenochka now its TATY_DUDE! well my login name was TATY_DUDE and my user name was lenochka now its just TATY_DUDE why is that? Now im gonna have to make a name for myself all over again ( not that i was that well known anyway ) so for anyone who thinks lenochka has disappeared he hasnt because i am lenochka. did this happen to anyone else?

15-01-06, 04:18
That's not necessary, just send a pm to tlr online and he will fix your name for you. When we came to vBulletin it would only pick up the login names.

15-01-06, 04:26
hmm i kinda got use to typing in TATY_DUDE thats my user name for 7 other forums ( mainly named TATY_DUDE... because they are t.A.T.u. forums ) but i really dont want people to think i lenochka was banned or died or something... hmm what to do...

15-01-06, 04:36
The name Lenochnka is on your Avi. You could always go into your profile and add that you were previously know as Lenochnka and leave your user name as Taty_Dude

15-01-06, 04:37
hi lenochka :wve:

yes, i was wondering what had happened to you... :vlol:

good to see you again! :p

15-01-06, 04:40
i really liked lenochka because it symbolised my love for lena katina ( lenochka ) she is the love of my life and i am the love of her life... she just dosnt know that yet XD so i asked Tlr to change it back for me...

15-01-06, 13:13
Good to see you Lenochka!:hug:

someone say " speaking of tatu what ever happend to raider lenochka? "

Yes, that was me!:vlol:


Tomb Raider Master
15-01-06, 13:27
Hello again! :wve:

15-01-06, 16:55
i have my old name back old name i missed you *huges name*

Jacob x5
15-01-06, 18:29
Yeah, to be honest I thought "TATY_DUDE" was just a different Tatu fan. :p

Welcome back. :ton:

15-01-06, 18:37
And I just thought it was Mr Potato Head. :cln: