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15-01-06, 11:18
I cannot find nothing to do with mortality rates on the voyage, and for my book I need them. I need charts and notes. Can anyone help me please?

15-01-06, 13:01
It would help if people knew what voyage you meant.

15-01-06, 18:22
I dont know, It just says on my task sheet from my teacher : Notes and charts to show mortality (death) rates on board. Could somone give me an average ?


Jacob x5
15-01-06, 18:24
Teachers like to make no sense whatsoever. It makes it harder. ;)

15-01-06, 18:31
Yeah, I can do everything else but that. All the othe tasks are time consuming and I am not in the mood.

15-01-06, 18:35
Tut tut tut. Sounds to me like you should have been paying attention because the question presumes you've studied something. And someone else just telling you an average isn't you doing your homework, especially when you're not in the mood.

Try googling.

*must do better.

15-01-06, 18:56
Lol, This is a debt study meaning we have to find out all the information by ourselves to do a book. We did not study this subject before. And I prefer to do my work when I am in the mood so I can make a better job of it. :)

15-01-06, 19:05
I know that if did all of my work only when I felt good about it I might never do any! ;) I know it's a pain in the :cen: but try disciplining yourself to do some work regardless how you feel. It does work eventually :).

If you're still stumped for info try asking your teacher for more specific guidelines. As Net has said, it would help if you knew which voyages they are talking about - the British have done a hell of a lot of sea travel! ;)

15-01-06, 19:12
Already I have done
Chapter heading page (hand coloured and drawn)
Story of slave ship zong
A Cross section of slave ship (now allowed to do stick-men so had to do hundreds of fricking bodies)
A written description of conditions of board using a variety of source material.
A sketch of a slave ship (I did it poster sized in water paints)So i'm a bit dry.

15-01-06, 19:14
try going on the bbc webiste because that helps me....and happy birthday! omg i havent done anything!! when did you start?

15-01-06, 19:18
A written description of conditions of board using a variety of source material.

Well those sources should also tell you about death rates, because deaths would figure in the conditions, significantly I would say.

15-01-06, 19:19
Wow that's a great start! :eek: I didn't realise you had already done so much :o. Good luck with the rest of the article :wve:

15-01-06, 19:21
Oooooooooo, Thanks! But you are too late i already found a chart :D

Thanks to all the members telling me literally to get off my butt.

15-01-06, 19:29
You're welcome ;)


15-01-06, 19:31
Well done! :tmb: I've just been looking at some stuff. Now you've found something, I'll tell you what I found. Two different figures of an estimated death rate, overall, of 13% and the other which was 1 in 5, which of course is 20%.

15-01-06, 19:44
Oh my, thanks for the extra info. :D

Now all i need is to try and work out how to make a chart :o

15-01-06, 19:48
Well I'm not telling you how to do that! :mad: :D

15-01-06, 19:52
Its my birthday, tell the birthday girl how to make charts using a program :p

15-01-06, 20:12
Birthday's curry no favour with me missy. *cracks whip* Now get to work.


Just make a table in your office program.

15-01-06, 20:58
I used a "Creat a graph" website instead :)

Oooo, whip :mis: