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15-01-06, 22:20
I've just turned 18, and am thinking of getting a TR tattoo (actually, I've been thinking of getting a TR tattoo for the last five years, but I've only just become old enough ;)). Obviously, I'm not going to rush into it, but I would love a few ideas, especially from fellow TR fans. I know it's unwise to get an certain thing (like a person's name or an interest) tattooed on yourself, which is why I want it Tomb Raider inspired, but ambigious - for example, if I suddenly decided I hated Tomb Raider, the tattoo wouldn't be a constant reminder of it. However, I've liked TR for eight years, and have been into Egyptian mythology for as long as I can remember, and I really can't see myself going off it.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated!

Tomb Raider Master
15-01-06, 22:22
Egyptian mythology you say... How about a nice Amulet of Horus? :)

15-01-06, 22:23
Whatever it is, don't make it huge and really noticeable. You'll probably regret it later on in life. But for a suggestion, I think maybe a Save Crystal. It may sound dumb, but it won't be obvious it's Tomb Raider if you get sick of it. Or you could get the initials LC in some fancy font. That would be nice. OR even a Golden Rose from the secrets in TR Chronicles.

15-01-06, 22:24
hmmm u know in the tr 2 game booklet well there shud be a pic wit lara and she has a green dragon tattoo like angie why not get that or get something like an egyption symbol like u cud get that horus sign.

15-01-06, 22:27
how about the word "LEGEND" in the trlegend logo?

or an amulet of horus would be great idea too like trmaster said.

or maybe the scion? that's a bit mysterious and abstract...

15-01-06, 22:31



15-01-06, 22:35
oh cool! happy belated bday natla'd first of all...^^
and i aggree with abovementioned egypt themed tattoos look nice...^^ i will try to find images to give some ideas tooXD

getting your first tattoo is so enjoyable! it is an expeience like none, so enjoy it^^

15-01-06, 22:38
oh i just forget i neva sed happy b-day lol im soooo blonde hehe happy b-day have a rockin one

15-01-06, 23:02
Amulet of Horus? So you just mean.... Ankh? :)

Anyways, here's what I have on my right shoulder:


15-01-06, 23:50
I've never had the desire to have one, so maybe I don't qualify to comment?

But, if I were you I'd sit on the idea for a year and if you felt you still wanted one after that time, then have it done.

It could just be a passing fad?

15-01-06, 23:52
She's already been sitting on the idea for five years. I don't think 1 more would make much difference if she's set her mind on it for half a decade.

16-01-06, 00:05
She's already been sitting on the idea for five years. I don't think 1 more would make much difference if she's set her mind on it for half a decade.

Yeah matey, I read her post. But people DO change their minds.
She also said she wasn't going to rush into it too.

Maureen Errant
16-01-06, 02:52
Getting a tattoo is a major commitment. It's not like dyeing your hair.:p
I spent at least 10 years thinking about it and in 2003 finally went a got a small one on my ankle. (not a TR theme though)

Ask other people what they think about theirs after 2,3,4 years. Find a reputable place that you KNOW is clean, and if you still want to then go right ahead. It's only a small tattoo, and you're not getting it on your cheek, right.............right.......RIGHT lol

Lonely Istari
16-01-06, 06:15
I've always wanted to get a small tattoo of the Eye of Horus or an ankh on my forearm... or maybe on my back somewhere. Some sort of Egyptian symbol would probalby work best for you. It relates to Croft, but doesn't scream "I'm a Lara freak for life". and since you've been into Egyptian mythology, it suits you.

Soma Holiday
16-01-06, 06:35
I saw a guy on that TR movie that had like 7 Lara tattoos where it was her entire body. Just random pics of her all over him. You probably don't want anything like that, but depending on the TR game that you like best, I think you should get something related, like everyone is saying. And I like the green dragon idea, and the golden rose one.

I'm going to get something with Soma later on, maybe this Christmas, since everything about me has Soma on it somewhere haha. Maybe on my ankle or the back of my neck. And if I can get that on me, a TR tattoo is nothing to worry about haha. :D Go for it, if you like it that much. ;)

ben croft
16-01-06, 17:33
Amulet of Horus? So you just mean.... Ankh? :)

Anyways, here's what I have on my right shoulder:


Cool. :tmb:

Laras Backpack
16-01-06, 18:20
Why not a henna tatto as a trial run? :)

Saw this on the net- it's not henna, but it is rather nice:

Are you going for a big or small tattoo?

16-01-06, 18:29
I think its a great idea on not rushing into getting a tattoo Natla'd, i wish i hadnt rushed into mine.
I got a small celtic band on my right arm, that doesnt even go all the way around. I got it on my 15th birthday (I know, underage) I didnt have alot of money left from my birthday, but i didnt want to leave the tattoo parlour without one, so i got the celtic band for £40, now i kinda wish i hadnt got it done, i would have rather waited till i was old enough, and had enough money to get something i really wanted.

The idea of a Tomb Raider inspired tattoo, i think is a really cool idea, as long as you dont go for something really extreme and big, which im sure your smart enough not too. But the idea of Lara Croft being part of my body has crossed my mind a few times, as have alot of other ideas, like the Umbrella Corporation logo, something to do with Final Fantasy, or the Heart Grenade on the front of the Green Day American Idiot album, i wanted that because i have followed them for a decade, but i am waiting and not rushing also.

But yea, i think you should go ahead with a TR tattoo or egyptian themed one, but only when your ready of course :)

P.S. Cool tattoos everyone :tmb: Ill upload one of my one later when im at home :wve:

16-01-06, 21:05
Ooooh, I've wanted a tattoo for so long. But Im 14. I will be 15 in March though, lol. I think an ankh would be nice. Good idea not to rush into it. Getting a Henna tattoo of what you want your real tattoo to be would be a great idea.

Maureen Errant
16-01-06, 22:09
I had a really nice Henna tattoo on both hands and then I bleached something and stupidly put my hands in the water...........something that was supposed to last for weeks only lasted for a few day. lol

16-01-06, 22:25
Thank you all for the feedback! An idea for a tattoo actually came to me in Accounting this morning (yeah, I know, funny place to get inspired but hey...)...I won't reveal it until I've decided if it's exactly right and finalized the design, but all I'll say is that it incorparates Tomb Raider's ancientness with it's moderness, and it's a twist on a rather convential symbol. ^ ^

Your ideas and pictures proved most helpful, as well. I especially liked the idea of a savegame crystal - I'd have it in blue, though, because the green one reminds me of The Sims. ;) If this first tatt goes well, and I get a craving for another one, I very well may have one. Looking through books and sketching designs, I realise I'm more into 3D objects than symbols. Also, my final design will almost definately be in colour.

The tatt will be small - around 6 cms, I suppose - and will probably be on the front of my right shoulder. Kamrusepas, how painful was it on the back of your shoulder?