View Full Version : Barbie beats Angelina in top 100 web searches

16-01-06, 12:25

"The 100 Hottest Web Searches 2005 is made up from the millions of searched for words and phrases entered by MSN Search users every week."

I like number 13 myself!

Probably UK based.

Appologies if of no interest to anyone!

16-01-06, 12:35
Aww, poor Angie...

I like number 13 myself!

Hehe, me too :tmb: [Where is it? :p]

Laras Backpack
16-01-06, 14:09

I like number 13 myself!

:D Nice!

Number 1: Eastenders?! Despite the fact that I come from the east end, close to the real Albert Square, the show gets on my nerves.

Well done to Angie for making to top of the women's poll though! :)

16-01-06, 15:58
Yay my role model made #4 =D Can't believe Barbie beat her. lmfao. <3333 Angelina.