View Full Version : Psychic Dreams... Does anyone else have them or is it just me?

Lara Croft Fan Joe
16-01-06, 20:50
Has anyone had a dream and have something from that dream happen about a week after, because it keeps happening to me and its quite freaky, dus this happen to anyone else?

16-01-06, 20:53
nope lol.... soudns weird though, sometimes i think things and they happen though lol


Lara Croft Fan Joe
16-01-06, 20:56
i guess it cud be deja vu, but the scary thing is, when i remember it from a dream i can predict (and get right) what will happen to me, but this only lasts for a few seconds, freaky huh?

16-01-06, 20:56
Quite a lot, but it usually revolves around teachers chasing me for not doing my homework. In the dreams it's them literally running after me around the school, in real life it's them sending notes to Guidance to catch me when I stop for breath. :p

If these events that you keep "predicting" are pretty everyday things, like you getting locked out your house, being chased by someone, nearly having someone bump into you when you're in the car, or going to school/work and getting into trouble for something specific, IMO that's your subconscious trying to tell you to pay more attention to what's going on around you while you're awake - it picks up on things that you didn't notice when you were busy scrambling to get into the queue in the coffee shop. Are you forgetful or (like me) a bit slow at empathising with people?


16-01-06, 20:56
Happened to me a few times, usually about minor details like seeing a dead hornet in my grandma's garden. But once I dreamed I had a history test and I wrote down the questions when I woke up. I had that test the same week and 7 out of 10 questions were the same :D

16-01-06, 20:57
Let's just say I'm rarely surprised.

Lara Croft Fan Joe
16-01-06, 20:57
no, actually i'm very good at empathising, but i admit, i can be a little forgetful

16-01-06, 20:58
But once I dreamed I had a history test and I wrote down the questions when I woke up. I had that test the same week and 7 out of 10 questions were the same :D

hahaha nice, I wish I could do that. Then hope would be in sight for my maths. :cln:

16-01-06, 21:04
Plenty of times.

16-01-06, 21:05
Rarely. But when I do, they sure happen.
And I wish I could stop having them, because they are all about someone's death. Last time I dreamed of a person, couldn't recognize his face because it was a bit vague but I felt I knew him for a long time.
Few weeks later, one of my relatives died :rolleyes:

16-01-06, 21:13
Im not sure if i have experienced this, i hardly ever dream, and when i do, i can never remember my dreams. I always sense alot of De Ja Vu in my life though.

16-01-06, 21:17
Not sure about psychic dreams, but I do have strange feelings of deja vu sometimes. I'll imagine myself saying or doing something, and then, days later, I'll find myself saying or doing those exact things. When that happens I tend to stop and think blankly, 'Have I done this before? This situation seems familiar...'


16-01-06, 21:18
... i hardly ever dream ...
You dream every night you sleep (and about 5 dreams at that). You just don't remember them. ;)

16-01-06, 21:19
Yeah, it's happened to me before. My sister gets it quite often. I think many people do, even if you don't remember. They say you dream at least 4 dreams a night, but most people will not even remember a single one. Interesting, huh? :pi:


Whoa, Net and I posted the same exact info at the same time... I think there is psychic posting too. :D

16-01-06, 21:30
Whoa, Net and I posted the same exact info at the same time... I think there is psychic posting too. :D

:D *Cue Twilight Zone music.

16-01-06, 21:30
I get loads of Deja Vu. So often that it quite often turns out I have done it before. :p

16-01-06, 21:34
I've had dreams that have come true before- my cousin divorcing, i knew my sister was pregnant before she did

Maureen Errant
16-01-06, 21:56
I used to have that happen to me a lot when I was younger. I think you lose it to an extent (at least I did) when you get older........to many other stresses and conflicts in your life, and you kinda shut down things that you don't need in order to deal with what you do have on your plate.

ben croft
16-01-06, 21:59
Yeah, it happens to me too.

16-01-06, 22:02
I used to get them a lot, I rarely get them now.

These days im getting a lot of those dreams when you're falling then when you land on the ground you wake up and shake. 0-0;

16-01-06, 22:03
Yep, did happen few times... kind of prediction hmh.

Mona Sax
16-01-06, 22:18
Never happened to me.

16-01-06, 22:36
My dreams just confuse me because very normal things happen in them (somthings strange things) and I wake up and must about them for about 5 mins then forget about them and later in the day I start talking about 'the dream' as if its happened and people look at me dumbfounded and ask me what i'm on about. Heh. Ennoying.

16-01-06, 22:58
Nothing to do with predictions and stuff, but I hate it when I have a dream that shakes me up and I end up getting wierd looks at school the rest of the day because of my recently-stunned expression. I've had like one of those every day since school was back after Christmas. At least I like daydreaming; there's nothing else to do anyway. But I do pay attention to the content of my dreams - if I'm chased after by a teacher in a dream, I'll make sure I get all the homework done for their class, or if I end up creeping about hiding from wierd guards with guns, I'll try not to upset any neds the next day.

16-01-06, 23:27
ive had them before and ive also died too and wot i thought was a dream was actually me dead lol

16-01-06, 23:31
okay please don't get freaked out but i have the dreams and after a feew years i can make things happen without being asleep but if i tell people it's like the powers go away for a while

16-01-06, 23:38
Actually, had those "prediction" dreams very often when I was younger, but now I don't have them with the same frecuency. What I do have, not always, just a few times, are dreams where I hurt or something, and when I woke up I have the wounds.

17-01-06, 00:17
I used to get a lot of dreams like that but not good ones they were usually about someone getting killed or hurt (like in car accidents). They were always recurring dreams. and the same dream would keep happening for months or more. The worst one was I saw a car accident, I saw the car, the person everything about it. But I didn't know the person. This dream came to me on and off for years. Then I met the person who I saw in my dreams even though I didn't realize it at the time. In my dream he wasn't wearing a seat belt and was killed. Without telling him about the dream as he would think I was nuts I managed to convince him to always wear a seat belt. A few months later the accident occurred, exactly as the one in my dream. He survived the accident but only because he was wearing a seat belt, the police said.

I have had more dreams sort of similar to that since, I always take them seriously. I don't get them as much now thank god.

I know when friends want to talk to me.

When my friend Bob died just before New Year on the day of his funeral at nearly the exact time his funeral started a thought popped into my head that something was wrong and that I should check the death notices in the paper when I got home. When I did his death notice was there and the time and date of his funeral. We had had an argument in August regarding his drinking and had not spoken since then. His daughter did not like me and did not contact me to tell me of his passing or when his funeral would be.

17-01-06, 00:49
I've always had many of these types of dreams, for instance I will see a sign, then in real life there will be that exact sign and I'll remember that dream I had about 3 years ago that I completely forgot about.