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05-02-06, 16:07
I've played the game a while ago and I can't really remember well the scene when Lara remembers what really happened with Von Croy, and I really don't feel like replaying the whole game to watch it again. Could someone please give me a description? Thanks in advance

05-02-06, 16:43

Lara visits him at Paris. They argu, she gets really angry and head towards the exit. Meanwhile she was tuned backwards from the door, and couldn't see what was going on behind her. Werner on the other hand could. He saw a man approaching. Eckhardt(which actually is Karel in this movie) tosses Lara, she hits the wall and faints.
Karel then goes back to his form, kills Werner and leaves Lara thinking she comitted the crime.

05-02-06, 17:09
Lara isn't going towards the exit. This is what I would say:

Werner asks Lara to visit him at his house in Paris (obviously, because he asks for a favor). He tracks five Oscura paintings for a client called Eckardt. Werner needs Lara's help. He asks her to go and see Carvier who can help. While Lara is ready to go, she returns back, pushes Werner on the chair, bends over him, and reminds him that he left her in Egypt. While Lara is still bent over Werner, the latter looks behind her and sees someone coming. He asks Lara to get out of the way, because it's obvious that this man (Eckhardt) has a hostile tone. Eckhardt tosses Lara back and kills Werner because after Werner located the Painting, he didn't delivered it to him. After killing Werner, Eckhardt transforms into Karel.

05-02-06, 17:13
I just summerized the movie ;)

05-02-06, 17:23
Thank you both :) you've been very helpful

05-02-06, 18:09
You can just watch all the FMV's as they are mpeg with the media player :)