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06-02-06, 10:47
Well, I just decided to make a new wallpaper related to Tomb Raider Legend since we've got quite a much info lately. It's nothing "amazing", quite simple, but I think it looks nice and some of you might even use it, at least few mins :P So go on and check it, here's the link:


ben croft
06-02-06, 11:17
I can't see the whole wallpaper. :confused:


06-02-06, 11:18
That's really cool, I love that image of Lara. The background is very desert-esque. Nice work. :)

06-02-06, 11:28
I can't see the whole wallpaper.

Hmm that's strange, though I remember having same kind of problems with the same host earlier. Well, I hope it works better for everyone else.

And thanks SpinSpinSugar, I've made this when they relased more pics of that village Lara is going to visit, so I got inspiration from those :)

Tomb Raider Master
06-02-06, 11:34
It's gorgeous! :tmb:

06-02-06, 18:37
aww ace i love the bk ground its suits that pic. ive never seen that pic before

06-02-06, 19:16
Ag! same problem here. Like Ben (Hi Ben), i can see just her head and then nothing.

06-02-06, 20:13
That's something different, looks nice! (link works/loads for me fine)

06-02-06, 21:14
yeh it worked fine for me great job

Barry Matharoo
07-02-06, 11:35
love it :tmb:

07-02-06, 11:46
Thank you! :) I'm trying to figure out why the pic isn't downloading correctly for everyone but I'm afraid I can't do anything with it.