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09-02-06, 01:58
Hi everybody.
I'm a long time TR player. Glad to see so many Web sites and people
Hope some of you programmers can help. I found some Hex codes for TR 3 & LA.
One is for unlimited Oxygen 80 09 91 4E 07 08
and one called Wall climb 80 09 91 46 00 01
I have a Hex Editor and have changed codes in saved games before, but the placement location wasn't supplied with these codes so I'm not sure where to put them. I was hoping someone here mite know.

09-02-06, 02:15
Hi Iain. Not me, i'm no programmer. I remember a member some months ago that you might sympathize with in that respect. :) Hang on i'll search...

09-02-06, 02:31
... hopefully the member wants to reply here himself.

09-02-06, 03:54
Thanks Joseph
Hopefully he will know.