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Lara's Boy
17-02-06, 20:16
This is my first attempt at posting images, so apologies if it really sucks.....the first image (there are only two, and they are in a slideshow format) is just a gentle approach at Lara, I made the hair a bit longer. The second is a quick sketch I did of Angelina a few years ago during an art lecture. I hope you guys like them!


17-02-06, 20:30
Lovely! You're talented! :tmb:

17-02-06, 20:35
They are fantastic. The first one is my favorite :tmb:

17-02-06, 20:50
Oh my gosh, that is amazing! :eek: NICE WORK! :tmb:

17-02-06, 20:56
:eek: They are Excellent! :tmb: :wve:

Lara's Boy
17-02-06, 20:57
Thanks, I really appreciate all of the positive remarks. I will try to post some of my better work. :)

17-02-06, 21:11
Aaamazing! ^_^ Great work dude!

Tomb Raider Master
17-02-06, 21:45
Amazing drawings! :tmb:

17-02-06, 21:52
You know... drawing looks really good! (any referencies used?)

Lara's Boy
17-02-06, 23:54
Not for the Lara picture. On the Angelina picture, I saw her posed a certain way in a magazine, and I just conjured that up in my memory during my class. Her lower body and posture was very different in the real picture, but I couldn't make it look right. As it is, she still looks a little deformed. I also didn't make the hair continue, and her right arm is too long. The fingers are also iffy, so I am glad the image didn't upload too large....lol :D

18-02-06, 00:00
:o so cool, I love your drawing style :tmb:

Melonie Tomb Raider
18-02-06, 00:43
WOW! :eek: I LOVE your art style, absolutely beautiful. Incredible shading. Great job. :)

18-02-06, 00:57
They really look great, you did an amazing job! :tmb:

18-02-06, 01:14
nice pics! well done

18-02-06, 05:41
fantastic, the one with a close up it's really great.


18-02-06, 11:48
wow! Very nice

18-02-06, 12:00
Wow, Great drawings! :wve:!